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Actually, it works!

Well, I've tried a lot of subliminal audios, made by a lot of different "100% working" subliminal and hypnosis audio makers in past two years, and nothing really worked strongly as the description said it should work... Visual Meditation made quite revolutionary approach in subliminal messages sending, and, if you ask me about my experience with Visual Meditation videos and audios, it works great for me!

Aleksandar Stojanovic

So useful, great videos!

The quality of the videos are great. I love the music too, it fits each theme of the video. Some are relaxing, some are upbeat.I use Visual Meditation video's everyday! I have did it for almost two month. I see that now i'm more optimistic, calm, and positive than before. I have this goal of listening your videos for 3 months and see how the result is. I know Visual Meditation videos by being referred by a friend who has done 3 months of listening your videos, and he's had a great results, like more abundance into his life and healing his psychological problem.

Thank you so much for your videos. Keep up the great work! Success and love for you <3


Great job

I would say that your subliminals are really powerful, probably among the best I have tried so far, and I have tried a lot of subliminals from other brands

Your mp3s "stress release" "Here and now" and "improve your concentration skills" are really excellent. I am not a fan of the videos because generally I prefer to close my eyes...

Continue this great job !

F. Singapore

Love Visual Meditation

I often love listening to Visual meditation It inspires me to stay motivated in my daily routines It gives me a wonderful pause as I listen to the music, It calms my soul,I feel revitalized Even for a few minutes The mantra like messages are useful short to the point Photography is awesome I love how I can review posts over and over again. Laurie RPN


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