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Nick has been using the techniques of subconscious reprogramming for over 10 years. Born in the UK and now living abroad with his wife, he has manifested health, wealth, happiness and everything he has ever wanted. Purely through the use of the techniques put forth on his website.

In this modern society, we are all programmed with fixed mental patterns, from birth onwards.

Your nationality, your race, your religion, your environment, your expectations, your family’s economic status. All of these of things are mental patterns, programmed (recorded) into your subconscious mind as you are growing up.

Now these things are here for a reason. Back in the cave man days, these subconscious programs were relied upon to keep you alive. To allow you to gain an unshakeable understanding of, not only the environment you were living in but also the societal structure and any social norms which you had to adhere to, lest you be cast out from the social group!

They may have served a purpose back then but these days they are simply keeping you trapped in the same circumstances while the world moves forward without you!

Analyze how your mind works

Everyone’s mental patterns will, of course, be unique to them as an individual. Therefore, if you ever hope to break free and start creating the life you’ve always wanted, you MUST analyze your own mind and take stock of who you THINK you are versus who you REALLY are and who you WANT to become. Once you’ve done this, you can begin using the reality of these subconscious programs to your benefit.

Begin by looking at the following areas of your life and ask yourself “Is this what I want or Is this what my SUBCONSCIOUS wants?”:

  • Your Relationship(s)
  • Your Friends
  • Your Job/Career
  • Your Mental State
  • Your Feeling Of Deservingness
  • Your Idea Of Whether You Can Succeed In Life

Take a good, hard look at yourself and meditate on the above points, trying to find the root of where they came from and how they got there. Obviously, this will take some time and a lot of self-introspection, which can be uncomfortable for some people. Sometimes facing yourself is the most terrifying thing you can do, because once you know these mental patterns can be changed, you will be forced to take full responsibility for your life’s circumstances. The good and the bad. Everything is the way it is, because of you and what you have manifested or not manifested into your life.

So, take stock of yourself and your thoughts one by one. Begin to build a conscious idea of who your subconscious mind believes you are. Make a list if it helps. It is often quite startling at how different the subconscious mind’s idea of its self-image really is. You may be capable of having a good job, yet it believes you are poor so it manifests either no job, a bad interview or gets you fired soon after you have found one.

The good news is that once you have begun to notice these little mental patterns (programs) and how and why they are created, you will notice (and overcome) more and more of them every day. You have trained your mind to see the lies within it and you will have given your mind the tools to change it.

So don’t be a victim to your thoughts. Don’t be a victim of circumstances. Don’t be a victim of the beliefs of other people! Change your life today!

Do you want to have a successful relationship and find it difficult to achieve? These strategies, if applied properly, will make it easier to you.

Good, stable relationships are rare in today’s world. Most people are either looking for the ‘next best thing’ or willing to give up on the love of their life over a few harsh words directed their way. It’s time people grow up. A successful relationship takes commitment, communication and a REAL effort to succeed. Which most people aren’t willing to give due to the rise of ‘tinder’ and other such apps which make sex and love so easy to find and yet so easy to take for granted.

People have become jaded. No one can mean as much to them as they mean to themselves, so they shun and laugh at relationships and even, god forbid, marriage! I’m too free! I want to live my own life! I don’t want to be controlled! Well, if you want to live the rest of your life alone, with the occasional one night stand, then keep doing what you’re doing!

If instead, you actually want to build a successful relationship or reinforce your current one, follow the strategies below:

1. Be willing to make the effort

So many conflicts in relationships go unresolved due to the fact that neither party is willing to even let each other make their point, scared of what the other might say, scared that their fragile little ego will be hurt if they listen to their criticisms. But you have to listen to their criticisms or how else will these conflicts be resolved? You must leave your ego at the door when you are actively trying to engage your partner in resolving whatever may be bothering them. Always be willing to listen to your partner’s concerns, whatever they may be!  You can disagree later on if you have to, AFTER you have heard what they have said.

2. Support each other’s goals

Take the time to understand what they are trying to do with their life and learn how you can better support them to achieve their goals. Not only will this create a greater bond between the two of you, it will also alleviate some of the day-to-day stresses of life by knowing that you both have that support available whenever you need it.

3. Communication

Try and really listen when they are talking to you, and ESPECIALLY when they are arguing with you! When someone shouts at you, it’s because they feel they are not being heard and so they speak louder in the hope that they will be heard. If a negative or hurtful comment is thrown your way, stop yourself from throwing one back and ask them why they are REALLY upset. If it’s anything you have done, apologize!

4. People make mistakes

They may say something out of anger or frustration that they don’t really mean. This doesn’t mean that they ‘hate you’ or that they are a terrible person. It just means what it means. They were angry or frustrated and these emotions boiled to the surface in your direction. Don’t take it personally and above all don’t take it seriously!

5. Learning what they want at the moment

This can take some time to discover if you are new to this relationship but with a little empathy, you can easily discern what they are looking for at any given time. When they are talking about something annoying that has happened to them or are frustrated with something about their life ask yourself “Are they looking for practical advice or sympathy?”, “Are they looking for encouragement or support?” or “Are they looking for attention and physical affection?”

6. Always be respectful

Be respectful of your partner at all times, even when you are arguing! You still love them even if you’re disagreeing with them at the time. If you are not respectful, you will only push them further away. Think of it this way, a fire breaks out in your apartment in the middle of an argument, do you try to escape without your partner? Of course, you don’t. Think about this scenario next time you are arguing to put things in perspective. Sometimes you will never agree with a certain viewpoint, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you respect your partner enough to allow them to believe whatever they to want to believe.

7. Stop being controlling

You either trust someone or you don’t. Acting like a control freak will never build a successful relationship, no matter how much you believe it will or how much your friends tell you it will. Remember, ignore the friends! If you don’t trust your partner, talk to them about it and try to build trust.

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8. Ask for advice (From them!)

If you’re feeling lost, ask your partner for advice! Ask them if there’s anything they’re not happy about in the relationship and (if you think it is reasonable) seek to resolve it. Also, ask them to tell you if they are feeling vulnerable or upset at a certain time, so you know to be more careful with your words and to offer a little more support when it’s needed.

9. Always be a team

It should be you and your partner against the world!  Not you, your partner, your parents, your siblings and your friends from the bar. They should be your priority, always. No compromises on this one.

10. Never discuss your relationship problems with friends or family

This goes against everything the modern world has to say about relationships but I encourage you to read on and take this to heart. There are two reasons why you should never discuss your relationship problems with your family:

  • Your family won’t understand. The only thing friends and family will do is make things worse by automatically taking your side and telling you ‘you are correct!’ (whether you are correct or not). All this does is create more conflict, making you believe you have the right to be angry or upset. But how do they know? Have they had a relationship with your partner for as long as you have?  Follow your own inner intuition, coupled with a bit of common sense and you’ll do fine.
  • Talking to your family and friends about your partner’s negative aspects will turn those people against your partner. They will believe everything you tell them and nothing your partner tells them, out of loyalty to you. While this can feel like good support at the time, ultimately it will only damage your relationship further in the long-term. Every time they hear something bad your partner has done (from you), they will reinforce the negative image you have created of your partner, whether this image is correct or not.

11. Let your guard down and be truthful (without being angry)

The hardest one of all, even if they are verbally attacking you, let your guard down. This is when real progress takes place and you create the building blocks for a successful relationship. Even though it may hurt your ego like we discussed earlier, be honest, be truthful and be real with each other. There’s no other way to sort out serious problems in a relationship. Go through it, deal with it and don’t leave their presence until the conflict has been resolved.

Follow the above strategies and you are guaranteed to have a more fulfilling and successful relationship. It may take a bit of work to change your thinking initially, but stick with it and the changes you see will be incredible.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t change your life?

Do you begin to make a positive change and then slip back into old habits? Read on to find out why…

Before we discuss the main subject, let’s talk about the function of your subconscious mind for a minute. Its purpose is to create mental programs and habits which allow your mind to run on autopilot. From basic programs like breathing, all the way up to how we speak, how we stand, even how we eat. And for your subconscious, the more programs it has the better. If there is a program for a certain situation that is stored in your mind, your subconscious feels safe. It has experienced that thing before and knows the parameters and how it should act in that situation.

Your Subconscious Doesn’t Like Change

Because of this, the subconscious mind abhors change. All change is viewed as uncharted territory and therefore dangerous. And it will do everything in its power to stop this change from manifesting in your life, purely out of fear and self-preservation.

Have you ever been so anxious about trying something new that you were shaking at the thought of it? If you have, yet still pushed yourself to do this thing, you will remember the absolute relief that comes over you after you’ve done it for the first time. That terror is the subconscious trying to hold you back, trying to keep you from progressing, without realizing it. Yet as soon as you have completed something new, just once, the subconscious has a program it can draw upon and most of the anxiety will have dissipated at this point.

How to Make your Subconscious Stop Holding you Back

Now the ‘new thing’ that you are trying to achieve may be an emotional or non-physical state. Such as happiness, health or success. Even so, your subconscious will still treat it as uncharted territory and therefore dangerous. The key to getting past this is to simply push on, hard though it may be. Keep going, keep trying, keep succeeding and you will shock your subconscious into creating a new mental image of itself. A mental image that is successful, intelligent and progressing in life. Every success you have along the way will help the subconscious in believing you are a successful person.

Allow me to explain. Picture a set of scales in your mind. Every time you push through the barrier and achieve what you set out to achieve, whether big or small, one ‘success coin’ is placed on the right side of the scale. The more you achieve, the more coins you collect and the easier it is to push the scale in your direction, until the scales literally tip to your advantage and success becomes the default mental program for you.

After this happens, you won’t have to work as hard to achieve your goals and as soon as you’ve set your mind on something, it’s almost guaranteed to manifest for you. The most impressive change I have experienced with this ‘tipping of the scales’ is how much confidence you will suddenly have. Nothing seems insurmountable anymore, your perspective will completely change and you will actually welcome challenges due to the fact that you know you can achieve them and achieving things feel good.

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Below are some suggestions which will help you in manifesting this change:

  • Always keep a positive mental attitude -If something goes wrong, change your plan, not your goal and try not to be frustrated or disheartened by the little things.
  • Always keep your end goal in mind -Repeat it to yourself throughout the day, remind yourself why you are working so hard.
  • Always push yourself to try new things -Repetition and experience is how the subconscious learns. Try new things, succeed at them and move on to the next step.

So keep your head up high, keep pushing on, keep working towards your dreams. For once you have achieved one, like a domino effect, you will naturally achieve the rest. Take back control of your mind. Change your life!