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Create your own subliminal mp3, by choosing your own affirmations!

After receiving several emails from people asking for something specific -besides the available downloads, we decided to create this platform.

By sending affirmations that relate to what you want to change or improve, you personalize the session for you.

If there is a specific goal you want to accomplish, a talent you want to develop or improve, a specific phobia or something from the past that you want to overcome, or something related to your personal improvement, send us your affirmations and we will embed them in the music.

The duration of your custom mp3 will be one hour and comes in two versions: one with binaural beats and one with isochronic tones.

How it Works

1. Fill in the fields below. Enter your affirmations in simple, positive language.

2. Select the music of your choice from the list at the bottom of the page.

3. After pressing ‘Send’ you will be redirected to the page of the payment. We will prepare and send you your mp3 within seven days.

Please note:

  • Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. The affirmations are private and will only be used to create your mp3.
  • Your custom mp3 will be¬†created within 7 days. It is quite possible to be created much faster.
  • It is possible to change some affirmations that aren’t formulated correctly. In such a case we will contact you to confirm that you agree with the changes.
  • We may refuse to create mp3s containing negative, manipulative affirmations or affirmations containing no moral character.
  • Custom mp3s are intended for private use only.
  • It is understandable that our refund policy doesn’t apply on custom subliminal mp3s.

Choose your preferred music track (scroll to the bottom of the page to choose your track):

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