Boost Your Brain Power


“Boost Your Brain Power” contains visual subliminal messages and brainwave technology and helps to boost your brain power, further expand the intellect, apprehension, insight and creativity. It will make your mind to give you more ideas and solutions on activities you want to perform, but also to have proper judgment of situations.


Boost Your Brain Power, with Subliminal Messages

Wit, insight, situations distinction, inspiration, creativity, ingenuity, clear and quick thinking, thoroughness, memory recalling, learning skills, correct judgment and conclusions. These are the key elements that when they are at high levels, the brain functions properly.

Scientists and artists of all times realized the real meaning of the subconscious mind and made constructive use of the powerful tool named brain. It gave them the insight that demanded their great inventions and creations. Every human being has the capability of using efficiently his brain. It remains to activate it.

Develop Mental Clarity, Enhance Your Perception

“Boost Your Brain Power” contains visual subliminal messages and brainwave technology and helps to boost your brain power, further expand the intellect, apprehension, insight, and creativity. It will make your mind to give you more ideas and solutions on activities you want to perform, but also to have the proper judgment of situations.

Enjoy the animations as your subconscious mind will be absorbing thousands of subliminal suggestions that will help you bring to the surface your natural intelligence and creativity that you already have within.

The binaural beats and the isochronic tones that come with the music will help you to concentrate and enter a meditative state.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 30:59
Subliminal messages included

Your subconscious mind will fully absorb and understand the following messages.

Your brain is in excellent condition.

High speed and alertness.

Amazing and limitless abilities and skills.

Real possibilities.

Your perception is enhanced now.

Mind powerful.

Mental and emotional coherence.

Creative genius.

Your ideas become reality.

Rapid information processing.

Learning skills at maximum.

You process information with consistence.

Your intellect is increasing more and more every day.

Your ability of critical thinking is increasing constantly.

Your intelligence is increasing daily more and more.

You interpret information effectively.

Your intelligence is increasing now.

You overcome distraction with ease.

You maintain the high awareness of your mental harmony.

You complete your work successfully and with ease.

You realize details easily.

You have a clear mind and make the best choices.

Your subconscious mind absorbs all these suggestions.

You process information with accuracy.

You summarize information with virtuosity.

You recall useful information with great detail.

You develop the sense of mental clarity continuously.

Your brain is in excellent condition.

You concentrate with comfort and ease.

You mature emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Day by day you gain more intelligence.

You fully utilize your potential.

You have control over your thoughts.

Your positive thoughts create a positive path.

Whole brain.

100% efficiency.

Virtuous and creative thoughts.

Your intellect becomes stronger now.

You develop the sense of mental clarity continuously.

You understand all these messages absolutely.

You believe in your internal powers.

You have the sense of security and control of your thoughts.

You totally control your mind.

You put easily in order whatever you have to do.

You interpret information effectively.

Your mind works flawlessly.

You are creatively expressing your highest potential.

Your mind expands and opens now.

Clear thinking.

Successful achievements.

Your mind expands and opens now.

Self-confidence and full control.

You have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.

You have a healthy mind.

Your life is balanced.

You have a strong mental clarity.

Your intuition guides you to make the best choices.

Your creativity is unlimited.

You allow your creative energy to flow freely at all times.

Perfect, crystal clear and creative thinking.

You have and feel tranquility now.

High insight now.

You have more insight and understanding now.

Your mind has developed a new, higher level of understanding.

Naturally clear-sighted now.

It becomes easier and easier to apprehend and see clearly.

Perfect distinction of situations.

You got a new, clear perception now.

You are free of mental clutter now.

A flow of creative ideas come to your mind now.

You have high insight and you find solutions to any problem.

Your critical perception is constantly growing.

High intelligence is a natural partof yourself.

You are a source of inventiveness.

Your mind is healthy and calm.

You absorb and understand all these messages.

You can easily focuson your goals.

You have thoughts of success.

Sharp perception.

Creative genius.

Thoughts and targets are in balance now.

Your mind directs you with thoughts and ideas towards your goals.

Domination on thoughts now.

New positive, deep beliefs now.

All solutions are in your mind.

You understand this totally.

You have all necessary resources.

You receive an infinite supply of inspiration now.

Your thoughts are perfectly organized.

You can focus on separate, specific things.

You see and understand what you read as a whole.

Perfect critical thinking and analysis now.

Proper brain functioning.

Wisdom and insight are increasing now.

You see the meaning behind the situations.

Insights from your own blessed subconscious emerge to your perfect awareness now.

Domination on thoughts now.

Your abilities are amazing.

You have all solutions inside.

The logical analysis of information and situations are easyfor you.

You approach all problems in an inspired and ingenious way.

Excellent problem solving skills.

You learn and assimilatevery quickly anything.

You comprehend information quickly.

Your mind is crystal clear.

Excellent verbal skills.

Excellent spelling skills.

You comprehend information quickly.

You arrange your tasks with thoroughness.

You can easily visualize anything you want to create.

Your creativity increases more and more everyday.


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