Develop a Wealthy Mindset


“Develop a Wealthy Mindset” is a powerful subliminal meditation video that will help you rid of all the unwanted beliefs and thought patterns and create another, positive and money-attracting mindset.


Develop a Wealthy Mindset, with Subliminal Messages

Why some people have success, prestige, financial comfort, while others struggle to have them? Because, responsible for both situations are the deep-rooted thought patterns.

Our habitual way of thinking defines our actions, behavior and decisions we make. One can easily observe that the mindset of a wealthy person differs a lot from a non-wealthy person. And this is because the way they grew up and the beliefs they adopted differs, as well.

Negative beliefs about money may are very strong in some people – so the resistance of acquiring and having money remains, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be changed. It might take some time to change, but once they do, then the whole thinking-acting process will change and so the circumstances.

Create Positive, Money-Attracting Thought Patterns

“Develop a Wealthy Mindset” is here to help you rid of all the unwanted beliefs and thought patterns and create another, positive and money-attracting mindset. Some elements of such a mentality are:

  • Appreciate money
  • Spend it freely and responsibly, without worrying
  • Envision a possible outcome
  • Stay motivated – taking action – to create money opportunities
  • Not having any negative belief towards money
  • Not having any envy or criticism about rich people
  • Appreciate and being grateful for the riches around
  • Be open on receiving large amounts of money
  • Save money and invest them

Our mind is the absolute ideas-generation tool. Except that, it forces us to take action, make specific choices, say specific things; it guides us toward wherever we put our focus on. “Develop a Wealthy Mindset” is a powerful subliminal meditation video that will enhance your intention and focus to have more money.

It contains subliminal suggestions that will put your mind on the “Money-On” state, so you will be alert about money opportunities, motivated, and develop the appropriate mindset to create and attract money.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 20:32, Mp3 duration: 1hr
Subliminal messages included

You and money are going pack.

You are feeling wealthy right now.

You always imagine yourself being rich.

You are a money magnet.

You constantly remind yourself that you are a money magnet.

I am a money magnet.

Yes, you are a money magnet.

Huge amounts of money always are coming to you from many sources.

You create money opportunities now.

You always take action on making money.

Your mind is constantly guiding you on making money.

You always think positively about money.

You always find ways to increase your wealth.

You always have wealth increasing opportunities.

Any subconscious barrier towards money has gone.

You are focused on achieving wealth.

You deserve to be happy and wealthy.

Your earnings are increasing more and more.

Your joy and happiness gives you inspiration and more money.

You are whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

You are financially free.

Through your actions you create money opportunities.

You are an excellent money manager.

You appreciate money.

You are open to receiving money from any source and direction.

You are grateful for and appreciate the money you have now.

You feel great about rich people.

You act as if you are already rich.

Any negative belief towards money has disappeared now.

You are a powerful money magnet.

Money is constantly flowing in your life.

The universe supports all of your efforts.

Your subconscious is ensured that all these messages are your reality now.

You have all the money you need.

You are wealthy.

Wonderful things are coming to you.

You accept deeply in your subconscious mind all these phrases.

Your mind gives you ways on making more money, at all times.

You are always motivated on making money.

You feel so good about money and deserve to have it abundantly in your life.

You deeply inside believe that you are a powerful money magnet.

Money wants to constantly come to you.

You magnetize money at a daily basis.

You are financially self-sufficient.

You are always alert about money opportunities.

You spend money freely and responsibly, without worrying at all.

You are worthy of having a beautiful and wealthy life.

You are worthy of wealth and success.

You enjoy giving and receiving money.

Success comes naturally to you.

Money comes easily and frequently to you.

Your income is growing constantly.

You always have inspiration on making money.

You deeply accept all these messages.

You can have the money you want.

Yes I can.

You think, feel and act like being rich.

You are now attracting more and more money like a powerful magnet.

You are full of love, joy, peace, happiness, confidence and gratitude.

You always have enough money.

Your belief that you can make things happen is constantly increasing.

Your life is getting better and better.

Any limitation has gone.

You are constantly confident, safe and protected.

You believe deeply in your subconscious that you are rich.

You accept deeply that you are a money magnet.

You offer positive values to others.

You are open to wealth increasing opportunities.

Your mind helps you to achieve wealth.

You see the world through the eyes of abundance, freedom and opportunities.

You often set aside time to think about your financial goals and make decisions that can bring more money into your life.

You are free of limiting beliefs.

You think about how to use your resources in order to become wealthier.

You do anything you can to achieve your goals and create your best life.

You believe that you can make anything happen.

You deserve to be successful.

You totally believe in yourself and your powers.

Your mind is open to receiving huge amounts of money from many sources.

You are free of any mental limitation.

You are full of money making ideas.

You believe deeply in your subconscious that you can become extremely rich.

You have the right to be rich.

Money flows freely in your life.

You have within you everything you need to move forward in life.

You are worthy of having a lot of money.

You are worthy of wealth.

You have plenty of financial opportunities.

You are always focused on wealth, prosperity and money.

You are always focused on wealth, prosperity and abundance.

You have a positive attitude towards money.

You always have intelligent and smart ideas.

You can accomplish anything you set out to do.

You are becoming more confident and doing better every day.

Making money gives you a good feeling.

You are worthy of great wealth.

You have the right to be prosperous.

You deserve the best and it comes to you now.

Your income is growing higher and higher everyday.

You can be wealthy just as everyone else.

Attracting money is something natural for you.

Attracting wealth opportunities is something natural for you.

Through your actions you create opportunities so you can move forward in life.

You always save money and you use them to make more.

You save money to invest them in your efforts.

You love the freedom that money gives you.

You are in control of your money.

You work successfully with money.

You are full of optimism.

You always guard your mind as to what kind of ideas and thoughts you put into it.

You now have thoughts of wealth, abundance and happiness.

Your great ideas give you great results.

You constantly think about being wealthy.

You are intensely focused on the positive outcome.

The more you become valuable to others, the more wealth you achieve.


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