Effective Communication Skills


“Effective Communication Skills” is a subliminal meditation video, designed to help you communicate more fluently, clean and effectively.


Get Effective Communication Skills, with Subliminal Messages

The quality of communication is important in order to be understood, express what we think without too much effort, and be effective in our interpersonal relationships. It is crucial in our personal lives and our professional environment.

“Effective Communication Skills” is a subliminal meditation video, designed to help you:

  • Express what you want to say comfortably and clearly
  • Speak with confidence
  • Be understood
  • Speak comfortably in front of a large audience
  • Be good listeners and communicate effectively with your interlocutors
  • Have the proper body language
  • Recall, use and understand words and phrases with flexibility

After several sessions, you will start boosting your natural ability to communicate comfortably and effectively. Relax and repeat mentally or aloud the affirmations, as hundreds of drastic visual and spoken phrases will enter your subconscious and will train it.

Use it regularly and discover the power to express what you mean with the simplest and best possible way so that everyone understands you and pleasantly spend their time with you.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

Watch the lite version:

Download the full and more powerful version of “Effective Communication Skills”, and speak comfortably and effectively!
Video duration: 16:48, Mp3 duration: 1hr

Subliminal messages included

I have perfect communication skills.

I always say the right things in every situation.

I express myself with ease.

My communication skills improve daily.

I always know what to say.

I always remember and use the right words in every situation.

I always speak clean and fluently.

I am completely confident and relaxed when I talk with others.

I am completely confident and relaxed when speaking to groups of people.

My words flow naturally and effortlessly.

I have great fluency in speaking.

I have a rich vocabulary.

I intuitively understand words that i hear or see for the first time.

My communication skills are amazing.

I always speak clean and with clarity.

I have high levels of eloquence.

I have total control of words and sentences as i discuss with others.

My communication skills have reached advanced level.

I have total control of what i say.

I say what i have to say clearly and comprehensively.

I do excellent presentations.

I listen intently when my interlocutor talks to me.

I listen with interest as i discuss with others.

My body language reinforces my words.

Everyone listen carefully and with interest when i talk to them.

When i speak i have high transmissibility.

My communications skills are excellent.

You are a perfect interlocutor.

You communicate perfectly.

I speak effectively.

My subconscious generously offer me the proper words to use in every situation.

My words inspire others.

I make perfect and interesting conversations.

I always speak with confidence.

When they address me i know what to say.

I never interrupt someone while talking.

I always respect my interlocutors.

I speak very fluently in front of a large audience.

I am comfortable when discussing with others.

I am a perfect speaker.

My words empower others.

My communication ability has reached very high levels.

I express my thoughts with great comfort.

I combine words with great mastery.

I form sentences with great comfort.

My body language is perfect.

I make eye contact with people easily.

Speaking comfortably is natural for me.

I combine sentences with great mastery.

My communication skills are world class.

I speak in such a way that i am completely understood by others.

My body language is perfect in every situation.

Everyone admire my vocabulary.

I can recall and use finely the right words at the right time.

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