Enjoy Total Freedom


“Enjoy Total Freedom” is a powerful subliminal meditation that will help you to express yourself more freely and overcome the thoughts that make you feel stuck, trapped, or hopeless.

Enjoy Total Freedom, with Subliminal Messages

Our minds very often are filled with limiting thoughts like fear, anxiety, and worries. Negative self-talk, self-doubt, judging and blaming ourselves or others, are some only from the things that hold us back from the life we truly deserve.

Your authentic, true self lies below these destructive behavior patterns. Each person deserves to enjoy life and experience a truly magnificent reality.

True freedom doesn’t come from situations or from anything at all, it is within you, always; and it’s up to you to embrace and enjoy the perfect freedom that your spirit provides.

Express Yourself Freely, Overcome the Thoughts that Make You Feel Stuck

“Enjoy Total Freedom” is a subliminal meditation video that will help you shift your thoughts so you will feel more free to be yourself and liberate from disempowering beliefs.

Through the subliminals, it will provide you the appropriate mindset to express yourself more freely and overcome the thoughts that make you feel stuck, trapped, or hopeless.

The alpha brainwave frequencies will help you to relax and reach a meditative state so your subconscious will register the messages successfully.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 19:08 , Mp3 duration: 1 hr
Subliminal messages included

You are free from fear, anxiety and worry.

You always have the freedom to choose.

You let go and you set yourself free.

Every day brings you more freedom.

You enjoy total freedom every day.

You are free of your past.

You are free of any limitation.

You are free to choose.

Every day you create the feeling of unlimited freedom in your life.

You allow yourself to be more spontaneous.

You allow others to be who they want to be.

You accept yourself as you are.

You allow others to be exactly as they are.

You are free from judging.

You are free from blaming.

You are free to be yourself and you feel great.

You are always free to choose your thoughts.

You allow the universal force energy to flow freely through you.

You are free to do whatever you choose.

You are free to be yourself at all times.

You are free to be yourself when you are with other people.

You are free to choose the direction of your thoughts.

You are free.

You are free to create the life that you want.

You are free to desire all the best that life has to offer.

You are free to move your life forward.

You have control of your mind.

You are living the life of your dreams.

You are never stuck or obsessed. You are always free to change your thoughts.

You are now free to do the things you love doing.

You are financially free.

You are totally free to be you.

You are totally free to make your own choices and decisions.

You create total freedom in your life by releasing all emotional baggage now.

You embrace and enjoy the perfect freedom that your spirit provides.

You feel extremely liberated today.

You feel totally free now.

You feel free to do what you want to do.

You feel total freedom when you realize how easy it is to relax and be yourself.

You freely choose your course of action.

You have an amazing lifestyle.

You give yourself permission to create unconditional freedom in your life.

You give yourself the freedom to be all that you can be.

You go with the flow of abundance and set yourself free.

You have liberated yourself from all negative thought patterns.

You have the freedom and power to create the life you desire.

You honor all people and allow them to be as they choose.

You liberate your mind from all disempowering beliefs.

You live your life the way you desire.

You love the complete freedom you have in being the creator of your own reality.

You set yourself free by retaining only the most empowering beliefs.

Knowing that you are in control gives you an immense feeling of freedom and peace.

Loving yourself and others brings total freedom and potential into your life.

Your future is what you choose it to be.

Your mind is magical. With it, you can create any miracle you wish.

Your perpetual optimism gives you unrestricted freedom to enjoy life.

Your soul is eternal and your mind free.

You are free to experience all the joy life has to offer.

Through forgiveness, you experience total freedom.

You are now empowered.

Today and every day you are free  to be yourself.

Today you bless your being with limitless freedom.

Total and unconditional forgiveness grants you total and unconditional freedom.

You are free now.


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