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The video “Find Your Soulmate” is designed to change your thinking patterns about relationships and love and to alter your inner talk about attracting your soulmate.

Find Your Soulmate, with Subliminal Meditation

Are you looking for your ideal lover? Want to attract that one special person?

Everybody wants to find the ideal partner, but it can be difficult. The reason is that we expect our partner to be perfect for us, but we don’t work on improving ourselves firstly.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer stated, you can’t have a desire to attract a confident, generous, non-judgemental, and gentle partner, and expect that desire to be manifested if you’re thinking and acting in nonconfident, selfish, judgmental, or arrogant ways – which is why most people don’t attract the right people at the right time.

The negative thinking patterns that have been fixated in your subconscious throughout your life have created an automatic mechanism of which you are not aware. This mechanism formed your behavior and has prevented you from attracting authentic and healthy relationships.

Change Your Inner Talk About Love, Relationships and Yourself

The video “Find Your Soulmate” is designed to change your thinking patterns about relationships and love and to alter your inner talk about finding or attracting your soulmate.

The affirmations and the thousands of subliminal messages will rewire your thinking, helping you to improve yourself, and having the right vibes to attract your soulmate at the right time.

It will shift your focus on finding that certain someone, having an open heart and an open mind, and will remove any deep seeded internal conflicts or limiting beliefs which may be stopping you from attracting your perfect partner.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 16:54, Mp3 duration: 1 hr
Subliminal messages included

You are worthy of an intimate relationship.

You continuously work with yourself to be a better person.

You now attract your ideal partner.

It’s easy for you to give and receive love.

You are worthy of a healthy love relationship.

Your ideal partner now attracts you.

You now attract the perfect person for you.

You are a complete person inside.

All of your interactions are harmonious.

Your inner world is full of completeness, balance and infinite love.

You focus on meeting your soulmate.

You accept a perfect, loving relationship with open heart.

You allow love to find you now.

You are improving yourself continuously.

You attract the perfect companion for you.

You attract love and romance into your life now.

You are now attracting a wonderful person who truly loves you.

You deserve a loving, trustworthy and caring partner who accepts you for who you truly are.

You are opening your heart for the love that is coming.

You are beautiful inside and outside.

You are totally focused on finding your soulmate.

You are happy and content with yourself.

You are able to attract the right partner.

You are now creating room in your life for your soulmate.

You now attract a joyous, truly loving relationship.

You are open to attracting love into your life.

You are ready to welcome a happy, fulfilling and truly loving relationship.

You always allow others to express themselves truly and freely.

You attract a joyous, intimate relationship with a person who truly loves you.

Your soulmate enters your life right now.

You are free of mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from true love.

You have learned from your past mistakes.

Your heart is open to receive love now.

You deserve to give and receive love.

You are ready for the perfect partner to enter your life.

Your heart is willing to accept the love of your life.

You deserve to feel and be loved.

You are thankful to the universe that brings you your soulmate.

You constantly dealing with your personal improvement.

You vibrate energy of love every day.

You now attract your perfect other whole.

You are tuned into the frequency of infinite and unconditional love.

The universe is sending to you your perfect match.

You forgive your exes and learn from your past mistakes.

You feel love in your life right now.

You attract now the partner who resonates perfectly with you.

It is easy for you to love and receive love.

You are a magnet of love.

The perfect partner is showing up in your life.

Your heart is open to receiving love from the right person.

Your soulmate is coming to you now.

A romantic relationship is on its way to you.

You are free of ego.

There is great love for you out there.

The universe sends abundant love into your life right now.

You say yes to love.

It feels great that your perfect partner enters your life now.

You deserve to be loved fully and completely.

You know how to communicate with ease.

You express true love here and now.

You are worthy of being loved.

You are treating everyone with love and respect.

You say yes to attract the ideal partner right now.

You accept people as they truly are.

You are an attractive, happy person.

You allow love to find you.

You attract the person who is perfect for you.

You are a love magnet.

What you seek is seeking you.

You are attractive inside and out.

Your heart is always open and you radiate love.

You attract the perfect partner for you.

You encounter true love in all your relationships.

You deserve love and you get it in abundance.

You attract the most loving person in your life.

You radiate pure, unconditional love.

You are open to have a happy relationship.

You are now attracting your ideal loving relationship.

You deserve love and to be loved.

You choose healthy relationships.

Your heart is open to love.

Your soulmate is attracted to the joy you radiate.

You attract the perfect loving partner.

You are already connected deeply to your soulmate.

You are in the right place at the right time to meet your soulmate.

You are attracting your soulmate right now.

You attract only healthy relationships.

You are open and affectionate.

You are very grateful for all the love in your life.

You attract love and romance in your life now.

You attract the love that you desire.

You are a charming person.

You are lovable and worthy of receiving true love.

You project an aura of love energy.

You are a loving and loyal partner.

You are valuable and deserve to be loved at all times and feel warmth.

You allow others to be exactly as they truly are.

You effortlessly radiate positive and loving energy.

You always radiate a loving and inviting energy.

You accept your own flaws and the flaws of others.

You are ready to meet your soulmate.

The time has come to be with your soulmate.

You believe in you ability to attract your soulmate.

You welcome love with open arms.

You love and appreciate yourself.

You release the past and let love flow into your life.

You feel good about yourself.

You attract love easily and effortlessly.

You show understanding towards others.

Your soulmate is on the way to you.

Your mind is totally focused on attracting your soulmate.

The partner you seek is seeking you.

You express yourself freely.

Your soulmate and you are being attracted together.

You are free of the need to control others.

You are a magnet of love and attract your ideal partner now.

You accept the flaws of others as part of their personality.

You are an adorable and cheerful person.

You are now ready for the right person to enter your life.

You subconsciously know that you deserve the best partner for you.

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