Go With the Flow

Go With The Flow


“Go With The Flow” is a subliminal meditation mp3, designed to help you, let go of the need to control the outcome of everything and trust the universal intelligence. (Only Mp3)

Go With the Flow, With Subliminal Messages

We often try to interfere with the outer conditions throughout many ways. The point is that we can’t change the conditions, the result we get, without changing the cause. And the cause relies on our mind.

On the other, the universe has total, divine perfection in everything. It expresses and provides beauty, abundance and orchestrates everything in perfect order. It’s the same force that makes a flower to blossom and the planets to move and be at the perfect position. If we trust this force and permit it to flow through us and guide us, it will express this divine perfection and beauty in our lives.

There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results

– Mahatma Gandhi

The universe communicates with us through our consciousness, our heart desires and our minds. When we are grateful for what we have, appreciate ourselves and others and trust the natural process of life, then our minds guide us to do the right things and be in the right place, at the right moment. Thus, we follow the path of least resistance, letting our highest good and true beauty to unfold in front of us.

Let Go Of the Need to Control Everything

“Go With The Flow” is a subliminal meditation mp3, designed to help you “go with the flow”, let go of the need to control the outcome of everything and trust the universal intelligence. It contains thousands of subliminal messages and brainwave frequencies, that will put your mind in a state where the ‘guard’ of your subconscious will let the commands to come in.

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place

~ Lao Tzu

After several sessions, you will stop worrying too much about how the outcome will be and trying to interfere with the external conditions.

While you listen, stay focused as possible, for better results.

Listen to the lite version:

Download “Go With The Flow”, allow your life to unfold and flow naturally, without inner resistance.
Mp3 duration: 1hr
Subliminal messages included

You are aligned with the infinite intelligence that is everywhere.

Divine and natural order is established in your mind, body and affairs.

You are divinely guided in all situations and decisions.

You attract to yourself all things which bless and prosper you.

The divine infinite intelligence protects you, guides you and supports you every moment and at any place.

You are grateful for receiving all the good that is yours in divine order now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You choose the path of least resistance.

Divine love, divine order, divine timing.

The law of cosmic order operates in your entire life.

You let go of the need to control everything.

That which is for your highest good comes to you now and you welcome it.

Everything in your life is in perfect and divine order.

You think, speak and act according to the divine order.

Thoughts and emotions in perfect harmony now.

You appreciate your life and everyone in it.

You’re always in the right place, at the right time.

The divine force of infinite wisdom of the universe supports your every effort.

You let the universe to express itself through you.

You are worthy of your efforts.

You are connected to the Divine Intelligence every moment.

You are grateful for every experience in your life.

You attract everything is needed to move forward, now.

You live a life without limitations.

You are free of any mental limitation.

You let go of worn out conditions, things and relationships.

You say the right thing, at the right moment, with the best possible way.

You deserve a life in which there is Total, Perfect and Divine Harmony and Bliss.

You trust the flow of divine order in your life.

You let your path to unfold freely and naturally.

There is divine order in every aspect of your life.

The infinite intelligence take care you, guide you and direct you in all areas of your life.

I love you, I forgive you, Thank you.

You are free, joyful and happy.

Divine force is acting through you.

You are thankful for all experiences and blessings.

You are peaceful, safe and happy.

All things work together for your good today.

You have good thoughts and feelings for yourself and other people. Thus you are in full alignment with the infinite source wherever you are, at any moment.

You have awakened to the reality of your true nature.

All that you do is an expression of divine beauty and divine truth.

The infinite intelligence which is everywhere and within you, and which gave you all your desires, guides you and reveals to you the perfect plan for the fulfillment of these desires.

You allow your life to unfold and flow naturally.

All your intentions are blessed and being fulfilled at the right time, in the best possible way.

Divine order is established at the inflow and outflow of everything in your life.

You allow the power of infinite intelligence, divine timing, divine order and divine love to be established in your life and all of your affairs.

Whenever your attention wanders away from that which is good and constructive, you immediately bring it back to that which is beautiful, harmonious, lovely and beneficial.

You let your life to be guided by the creative intelligence of the existence.

You don’t condemn or judge any person or situation.

You are grateful for the Highest Good that manifests for you now.

You forgive yourself and all people. You are free now.

Everything works perfect in your life, according to the Divine Order.

You trust your life to the blessed, creative, infinite intelligence that lies within you, exists everywhere and penetrates everything, and you are sure that brings the situations in the best possible way for the evolution and growth, both for you and others.

Your subconscious accepts these suggestions.


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