Improve Your Self-Image


Improve Your Self-image” is a subliminal video that aims to create a positive thinking pattern in your mind, in terms of the image you have about yourself.


Improve Your Self-Image with Subliminal Messages

Self-image is the personal opinion or otherwise mental image we have of ourselves. It is an internal dictionary” that describes the features of ourselves, which are a collective structure of our behavior and what we put out” to the outside world.

It is a derivative of learning. Influences from the early age as the environment, significantly shape our self-image. They are mirrors that reflect back to us the image we have about ourselves.

Our experiences shape what we feel and think, and thus we radiate from within how we look to others. The person we see in the mirror may be real or have deformed” as to who we really are.

Like Yourself More

The self-image is not fixed or permanent. Our interior features are dynamic, they can change. Anyone can develop a more healthy and accurate self-image and to see the real face in the mirror.

Improve Your Self-image” is a subliminal video that aims to create a positive thinking pattern in your mind, in terms of the image you have about yourself.

Your subconscious will be infused by hundreds of positive phrases that will support and enhance your self-image.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible, to achieve better results.

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Subliminal messages included

You feel calmness, confidence and relaxation.

You are a great personality.

You feel joy and fulfillment every moment.

You have, feel and inspire certainty, security and protection.

You have, feel and inspire inner beauty.

You see a beautiful person when you look at the mirror.

Everyone love and admire you.

Every day you feel more and more good about how you look.

You act with certainty, confidence and grace.

Everyone notice your special values.

Everyone notice your beauty.

You always give a great first impression.

You are an attractive personality.

People love you and accept you for who you are.

Your magnetism and charm are remarkable wherever you are.

You radiate confidence, certainty and optimism.

You have formed a perfect image for yourself.

Any negative subconscious beliefs have dissapeared.

You adore your body.

You feel comfortable with yourself.

You feel comfortable in social situations.

You feel comfortable about how you look.

You love and accept yourself.

Your style is amazing.

You deserve the best for you.

You feel great about yourself.

You are a powerful and capable human being.

You are beauty and inner strength combined.

You are beauty and success combined.

You are free of negative emotions.

You feel pleasantly about how you look.

Everyone appreciates what you are.

You radiate joy and fulfillment.

These messages are the absolute truth.

The opinion about yourself is becoming better day by day.

You project confidence and positive self-image always.

You have ensured that your internal self-image matches the physical image that you want.

You give yourself the necessary care and attention needed.

You have a great style.

You have a positive mental attitude and self-image.

You always have a flawless behavior.

You are a remarkable personality.

Your personal image screams wealth and success.

Your favorite accessory is a relaxed, genuine smile.

You give attention to your dressing to match your self-image.

You move and behave always with confidence and certainty.

Everybody always noticing your great appearance.

The positive opinion you have about yourself guarantees success always.

Your subconscious accepts these messages now as your reality.

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