Inner Peace & Harmony


“Inner Peace & Harmony” contains affirmations and thousands of subliminal suggestions (visual and spoken) that will make you have and retain a peaceful, harmonious attitude and behavior.

Find Inner Peace, with Subliminal Messages

Get angry easily? Lose your temper easily? Are you impatient? Do you catch sometimes yourself to regret your actions? Do you let job, weather, news and other people affect your mood, your behavior and how you are thinking?

If your answer to the above is yes, then you definitely need more inner peace and harmony.

When you don’t feel harmony and peace within you, it is common to have emotional ups and downs, indecision, incomplete thoughts, excessive stress, a feeling of unhappiness and low quality of life. The fact that you might have some of them doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome them or you will “carry” them always on your back.

Discover the Harmony & Joy that Lies Within You

With meditation and intention, everyone can achieve inner peace and a harmonious life. “Inner Peace & Harmony” contains affirmations and thousands of subliminal suggestions (visual and spoken) that will make you have and retain a peaceful, harmonious attitude and behavior.

The theta brainwave frequencies will put your mind in a relaxed and receptive state. Repeated watching of the video will help you to have peace and harmony and sustain it.

The more often you watch the video, the more your attitude will be peaceful and harmonious until becomes a habit.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Subliminal messages included

You are a radiant, beautiful and peaceful human being.

You are connected with the peace and joy that lies within you.

You are at peace with yourself, the world and everything in it.

You radiate peace and harmony.

Peace and harmony reign within you.

You are in harmony and One with everything.

You live peacefully and harmoniously.

Your spirit is peaceful and harmonious.

The world is a peaceful, lovely and joyful place to live in.

You are at peace with your choices.

You are always in harmony with the universe.

You are in harmony with everything.

You give and receive from your job, life and your relationships generously, abundantly, with joy and honesty.

All your relationships are loving and harmonious.

Within you and around you there is peace and harmony.

You believe in a world where peace reigns.


Your environment is peaceful, full of joy.

You release the past and live in peace and tranquility.

You live and behave harmoniously.

Everything around you are at peace with each other.

You choose to have a peaceful and calm spirit.

You choose to have a friendly, peaceful behavior to others.

You have fun.

You have inner peace.

You have your worries under your control.

You accept yourself as you are.

You forgive yourself and others.

You are naturally a peaceful person.

You are in peace with your past.

You are in peace Now.

Your mind is at peace, calmness and harmony.

You accept others as they are.


Harmony is always between your actions and intentions.

You have resolved any internal conflict.

Your mind is calm and relaxed.

You live in a loving, abundant, harmonious universe and you are grateful.

You live in total harmony with your life’s purpose.

Your mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony.

There is abundant love and harmony in your life.

Your path is covered with peace and harmony.

You are at peace and One with all living creatures.

Divine Peace and Harmony surround you and live within you.

You feel tolerance, compassion and love for all people, including yourself.

You choose love, joy and freedom.


You open your heart and allow wonderful situations to come in your life.

The blessed harmony is the true heart of society.

Every aspect of your life are in total harmony.

You live in the kingdom within.

You are a complete, loved, harmonious and happy human being.

Light, love and peace flow to you now.

You are a positive person, full of love.

You have joy and peace.

You are peace.

You are in peace and harmony with your family.

Peace, harmony and positive energy constantly indwell within you and surround you now.


Wonderful things happen in your life daily.

You have within you a sense of love, peace and harmony.

You are calm and peaceful during any confusion.

You live in bliss.


You focus on the positive, on love, on wisdom, on truth, on justice, on peace!

You are released from the habit of having anxiety and misery and you replace these feeling with peace and harmony Now.

You are calm, listening to the answers that are within you.

You are a complete, whole person.

You release any negative thought from your mind. You are in peace Now.


You replace confusion and imbalance with Peace and Harmony.

By having peace within you, you find peace in the outer world.

You externalize your inner peace wherever you go.

Wherever you are, you spread your inner peace joyfully.

You see peace everywhere.

You are a magnet of happiness.

You radiate inner confidence.

You have anything you need to move forward.


Your heart, your mind, your life and everyone in it, are in perfect peace harmony Now.

You are in harmony with everyone and everything around you.

You are balanced.


You radiate joy.

Your thoughts, your words and your actions guide you to create harmonious and lovely relationships in your life.

You allow peace and joy to exist in every area of your life.

You feel great.

You allow yourself to experience total peace now.

You interpret all situations with a peaceful spirit.


You have kindness, compassion and gentleness to yourself.

You trust the process of life.

You attract joy and happiness.

You have beautiful and happy thoughts.

You feel wonderful for being in this world.

Your mind is at peace.


You accept peace and joy in your life.

You are excited about life.

You are a lovely child of the universe.

You attract your Best and highest Good.

You are at peace with yourself and the world around you.

You welcome peace and harmony now.


You are at peace with everyone in your life.

You have calmness and harmony at any moment.

Your life is blissful.


You are at peace with everything.

You live in Oneness.

You approach life with a peaceful and harmonious perception.


You inhale full peace and prosperity and exhale all anxiety, worry and inner conflicts.

You invoke peace and tranquility when needed.

You can relax your mind at will easily.

You are really at perfect peace with yourself.

You choose to be happy.

You commit yourself on developing the highest possible level of peace in your life.


You believe that every human is worthy of a peaceful and lovely life.

You can feel total harmony whenever you want.

You are at peace with yourself and your life.

You radiate peace, joy and happiness constantly.

You are at perfect harmony with your environment.

You are worthy of a peaceful, harmonious and full of joy life.

Good situations happen to you all the time.


You feel more peaceful day after day.

The sense of peace and harmony is increasing everyday more and more.

You experience peace and harmony.

You have a peaceful spirit and composure in all situations.

You are in control.

Every day you have more and more harmony in your life.

You are in charge of your thoughts and emotions.

You create balance in your life.

Every day you have more and more harmony in your life.

You have peace and harmony here and now.


Your inner world is full of thoughts and emotions of strength, light, love and beauty.

The law of harmony works in your body and soul.

You like yourself.

You are excited about life.

The principle of proper action and divine order govern your entire life.

Peace Within Now.

Peace and harmony govern your life.

Conscious and subconscious work harmoniously and synchronously.

Peace & Harmony Within.


There is peace and harmony in your soul.

You are tranquil and calm.

You have the sense of peaceful, harmonious and virtuous life Now.

Infinite intelligence guide and direct you in all areas of your life.

You express warmth and friendliness to anyone you meet.

There is balance, peace, harmony and tranquility now.

You are in peace and harmony with all existence.

You feel harmony within you and attract good circumstances in your life.

Your life is in divine order and perfect harmony.

You are in harmony and alignment with your true self every moment.

Heart and mind work harmoniously and synchronously every moment.

Every cell of your body radiates peace and harmony.

Good will.

Every breath you take fills you with peace.

Your mind is clean and free.

Your world is perfect and complete.

You are at peace with yourself now.

You have control over your life.

Being surrounded by positive people is natural to you.

You give and receive joy and harmony in all your relationships.

You are in perfect harmony with the Divine Source any moment and at any place.

You make good thoughts and have good feelings for yourself and everyone else.

Your subconscious accepts these suggestions instantly.

You forgive everyone totally and honestly and wish peace, health, harmonious life and everything that is good for them.

All these messages are your reality.

You have balance in your life.

You are in perfect harmony with what you want.

Now you have the freedom to enjoy life.

You feel real joy and gratitude now.

You choose the thoughts that make you to feel good.

Thanks for everything.


Peace and harmony vibration every moment.

I forgive you, I love you, thank you.

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