Manage Your Anger


“Manage Your Anger” is a subliminal meditation video designed to train your subconscious to stay calm, recognize your emotions of anger and manage it.


Manage Your Anger, with Subliminal Messages

Anger is probably the most uncontrollable emotion. It usually happens without our conscious control. It is an automatic response that comes directly from our subconscious.

The angry behavior hurts other people and yourself because it fills you with bad thoughts in that uncontrollable moment.

No one wants to get angry, but it happens because it is purely a matter of habit. Wouldn’t it be better if you could recognize when you get angry and take control of your reactions?

Find Inner Balance, Handle Tough Situations with Calmness

“Manage Your Anger” is a subliminal meditation video designed to train your subconscious so you can stay calm, recognize the emotions of anger and manage it.

Hundreds of subliminal messages will penetrate into your subconscious mind and make you have inner balance, self-control and handle tough situations with calmness.

After several sessions, you’ll start to become more relaxed, and gradually calm down the pattern that triggers angry feelings. Use it daily and consistently in order to become a calmer person and achieve control over your anger.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

Watch the lite version:

Download the full and more powerful version of “Manage Your Anger” and train your mind to achieve control over your anger.
Video duration: 21:03, Mp3 duration: 1 hr

Subliminal messages included

You always control yourself.

Every day you feel more and more positive emotions that soften your soul.

Anger is dissolving and calmness takes its place now.

When you feel anger, you bring in your mind images that calm you down and create beautiful emotions.

You let the positive energy of the universe to create peace in your heart and mind.

You focus on joy and calmness.

You release anger whenever you want.

It’s easy to maintain emotional stability in your life.

You feel better when you let thoughts of anger to leave.

You align with your higher self and live with peace and tranquility now.

You control your emotions and behavior.

You always first relax, think, and then react with calmness and clear mind.

Emotional balance is the basic part of yourself.

You are in peace with everyone and everything around you.

You choose to live with calmness.

You maintain your tranquility in moments of stress and panic.

You deserve to have emotions that make you feel great.

You always express yourself with calmness, regardless of what happens.

You easily let anger to go out of your life.

You always control yourself and conquer anger.

You always find inner balance in unpleasant situations.

The management of anger has improved your life.

You can experience serenity whenever you want.

Calmness and tranquility have become a habit for you.

You calmly and peacefully face unpleasant situations.

You recognize emotions of anger, without losing control.

You have calmness and self-control.

You remain composed even under intense pressure.

Letting go anger is easy for you.

You calmly face any upheaval or disappointment.

You always find control in any overwhelmed situation.

You have peace of mind now.

You manage anger easily.

When you feel that you get angry, you take little time to relax and cleanse your mind from bad thoughts.

You have thoughts of calmness and peace now.

People appreciate that you can remain calm.

You choose to control anger.

When you feel that you get angry, you take deep breaths and calm quickly.

You can express yourself without get angry, easily.

Becoming calm whenever you want is getting easier and easier.

You have the power to control your emotions and feel inner peace.

You can calm and detach from anger whenever you want.

Anger management makes life better for you and those around you.

You always control anger.

You face problems in a constructive way.

Anger management have made you a better person.

Dissolving anger is easy for you.

You get more and more control of your emotions.

Controlling yourself in difficult times is natural for you.

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