Overcome Fear


The subliminal meditation video “Overcome Fear” was created to help you get rid your fears, excessive worries and doubts, and embrace your inner strength, courage and bravery.


Overcome Fear, with Subliminal Meditation

Fear can put you in an endless loop of uncertainty and insecurity. Most of the times fear is not something real, it’s just in the mind, but, affects how you see the world. When various fears control your mind, you become a slave to them. They drain your energy, confuse you and consume your entire life.

The result is that you live without inner peace and away from your potential. You don’t move forward because you fear that things would go wrong.

Embrace your Inner Strength, Courage and Bravery

The subliminal meditation video “Overcome Fear” was created to help you get rid your fears, excessive worries and doubts, and embrace your inner strength, courage and bravery.

Thousands of powerful subliminal suggestions (visual and spoken) will be delivered to your subconscious and help you let go of the fears that hold you back.

After several sessions, you will release your fears peacefully, be able to accept challenges with enthusiasm and confidence, and have a feeling of inner certainty and security.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

Watch the lite version:

Download the full and more powerful version of “Overcome Fear” and release the fears that holding you back.
Video duration: 25:16, Mp3 duration: 1 hr
Subliminal messages included

Every fear is dissolving now.

You are now free of every worry and fear.

You are brave, courageous and fearless.

You accept challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.

Every day you become more confident.

You live and move in a safe and secure world.

You now release all limiting beliefs and fears.

You free yourself from all destructive fears and doubts.

You are fearless.

You are now letting go any fear easily and peacefully, without resistance.

You have complete trust that the universe is always on your side.

You have the power to act on your dreams.

You are safe and protected.

Any fear has disappeared.

Everything in your life is safe and secure.

You release any fear and doubt.

Good things are happening to you.

You are fear-free, happy and fulfilled.

You are releasing all fear, stress, worry and tension now.

Everything turns out good for you.

You are free of any subconscious fear.

Your mind creates optimistic and courageous thoughts.

No matter what goes on around you, you remain fearless.

You let go any fear now.

You are calm and relaxed.

You are always protected.

You are fearless at all times.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions stem from, clarity, confidence and bravery.

You are a pillar of strength.

All these messages are your reality now.

You are fearless in all that you do.

You have positive thoughts about yourself and your future.

You release the past with ease and trust the process of life.

You are free of any fear and agony.

There is no person, place or thing, outside of yourself that can hurt you.

You are totally safe.

You are always protected from negative people and circumstances.

You have complete trust in the universe.

You are safe every moment.

You radiate confidence, strength and power from within yourself.

You fear no person, place or thing.

You are completely safe and protected.

The divine light is with you all the times and protects you.

Your subconscious accepts all these messages instantly.

You have the power to move forward in your life.

You are free from any fear now.

You are totally free of fear, stress and insecurity.

You are always divinely protected.

Fear, stress, doubt, insecurity and worry are illusions and can’t hold you back.

You are in complete control and have nothing to fear.

You feel safe and secured at all times.

You allow wonderful and joyful situations to enter your life now.

You have all the strength you need to defeat your fears.

You know that all is okay in your life.

You are always safe.

You release any fear, worry and anxiety now.

You are internally motivated to achieve your goals.

You feel good about yourself.

You have high self-esteem and confidence.

You release any fear now.

You let go of doubt and receive prosperity.

You embrace your inner strengths and transform fear into power.

You eliminate all fears now.

You live your life to the fullest.

You face your fears courageously.

There is nothing to fear.

You release all fears and doubts.

You move courageously through life.

You release all tension, fear and anger now.

You go beyond all fears and doubts.

You relax knowing you can handle everything.

You stand tall and take responsibility for your life.

Whatever happens to you in any situation, you can handle it.

You rise above thoughts that attempt to make you angry or afraid.

You let go and trust that everything is going perfectly in your life.

You are now willing to see only your magnificence.

You are free of all forms of fear.

You are fearless today and always.

You have the power to make changes and move forward in your life.

You continuously move forward without fear.

You live your life fearlessly.

Advantages of the Full Versions

no-adsEnjoy subliminal meditation videos & mp3’s without ads or interruptions

lightning-blueGreater duration, more powerful, better results

meditate-anywhereSave forever, do subliminal meditation anytime, anywhere, offline

high-qualityDownload and use professional, high-quality videos & mp3’s

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