Personal Skills Bundle

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Increase Your Conscious Awareness

"Increase Your Conscious Awareness" contains powerful affirmations and subliminal messages, designed to make you be more consciously aware of your surroundings and youself, and to appreciate and enjoy all the moments and details of life.

Effective Communication Skills

"Effective Communication Skills" is a subliminal meditation video, designed to help you communicate more fluently, clean and effectively.

Become a Creative Writer

"Become a Creative Writer" is designed to set your imagination and creativity on maximum levels. The combination of powerful spoken subliminal messages and random, unpredictable brainwave frequencies, will make your mind to create a storm of creativity in your mind. (Only Mp3)

Improve Your Meditation

“Improve Your Meditation” is a subliminal meditation mp3 that will train your mind to be still and calm during meditation process. (Only Mp3)


Do you want to improve your personal skills? Get four subliminal meditations with the Personal Skills Bundle and save 25%!


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