Release Stress


“Release Stress” is a powerful subliminal meditation video that will help you regain your lost self and find the path that will lead you to a better, fulfilled life. It is ideal in situations where you feel anxious, worried, doubtful and insecure.

Release Stress with Subliminal Meditation

When stress, doubts and worries knocking on your door, prevent you from being thinking clear and from taking the right decisions. That leads at a path where you can’t enjoy and experience life to the fullest.

There is a beautiful, yet well-hidden world that waits for you to look and search for it.

Stay Calm, Without Anxious Thoughts

“Release Stress” is a powerful subliminal meditation video that will help you regain your lost self and find the path that will lead you to a better, fulfilled life. It is ideal in situations where you feel anxious, worried, doubtful and insecure.

It contains thousands of subliminal suggestions, visual and spoken, which will make you stay calm. The brainwave frequencies are associated with deep relaxation and mood elevation, and will help you to relax deeply, absorb the subliminal suggestions and enjoy the video.

You will listen to beautiful and peaceful melodies with natural sounds, and you will watch scenes of water, nature and colorful motion graphics while your mind will absorbing the messages.

The video is designed to elevate your mood, boost your morale and give your mind a sense of relaxation and calmness, to make resistance to disappear.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 31:46, Mp3 duration: 1 hr
Subliminal messages included

You are free of stress.

You are a balanced and complete person.

You feel total calmness.

Everything is going well in your life.

The best is here and waiting.

You enjoy life.

You are in peace.

You choose harmony.

Peace, harmony and balance govern your mind constantly.

You choose happiness.

Life is beautiful.

You feel total happiness, peace and bliss now.

You feel total tranquility now.

You release all stress and worries now.

You are in control.

You are a complete person.

The world is a quiet, lovely and pleasant place to live in.

You are a joyful and funny person.

You are in control now.

You feel great.

You feel wonderful every moment.

You forgive yourself and others.

You are free of your past and live with calmness and serenity.

You are an understandable person.

Positive thoughts, positive emotions, positive experiences.

You imitate the best and highest good.

You feel total relaxation now.

You release any fear, worry and anxiety now.

You are free of any fear and agony.

You are totally safe.

You are safe every moment.

doubt = Illusion

Fear, stress, doubt, insecurity and worry are Illusions and can’t hold you back.

You let go pain now.

You let go anger now.

You let go thoughts that doesn’t serve you now.

fear = Illusion

You let phobias to leave now.

Your mind understands all these messages.

You are totally free of stress and insecurity.

insecurity = Illusion

You let uncertainty to go away.

The doubts disappeared.

You feel calmness and don’t have any worries.

Harmony and happiness reign in your life.

The anxiety disappeared.

anxiety = Illusion

Others see you as a nice, happy and fun person.

You have a calm and relaxed spirit.

stress, insecurity, agony, worry, doubt, anger, fear = Past

Joy, Bliss, Completeness, Harmony, Health, Happiness, Love = Present and Future

You let go worries now.

Your mind relaxes and worries disappear now.

Your mind creates optimistic thoughts.

You release all feelings of lack, misery and stress now.

You have the birth right to be happy and blissful.

You release any doubt, anxiety and insecurity.

You release any limitation from your mind.

You are totally free of anxiety and doubt.

You leave behind thoughts that limit you.

worries = Illusion

You make only good thoughts for other people.

You are in perfect alignment with your True Self.

You choose to think good things for everyone.

You release and relax now.

You feel total relaxation now.

You are efficient.

You have efficiency in everything.

You stay in positive results and experiences.

Your life depends on your will.

You have courage and with your will you can accomplish many things.

You choose to have a peaceful, relaxed and calm spirit.

You have good opinion for yourself.

You are at peace with your choices.

You can create a wonderful life.

You can create wonderful things.

You can manage everything.

You attract everything that is for your good.

You are blessed.

You let your life flow by itself quietly, harmoniously.

You feel joy, happiness and completeness.

You are in harmony deep inside you.

You have the freedom to be yourself and to express yourself openly.

You have a peaceful and calm heart and soul.

You are in Peace and One with Everything.

You live in the Now.

You feel complete now.

You feel free now.

Your mind is calm.

You are free.

You have mental peace.

Every day your life is getting better and better.

You live in the Present.

You fill more fulfillment day by day.

Your life is complete, full of health, love, joy and wonderful moments.

You are loved.

You are special.

You are joyful and attractive.

You are valuable.

You area worthy, sufficient andlovedhuman being.

You are worthy and sufficient.

You rely on your own inner powers.

You live the moment.

You control your life.

You embrace your dreams.

You accept your freedom.

You face all situations with a calm and clear mind.

You have a clean mind.

You feel Love, Peace, Harmony and Bliss Now.

You are letting go and relaxing now.

You enjoy every moment of your life.

You are worthy.

You love yourself and others.

Your world is stable.

Your life is balanced.

You have inner strength and courage.

You have inner stability.

You feel more and more strength every day.

You gain more and more inner strength every day.

You have confidence.

You have self-esteem.

You feel inner fulfillment.

You appreciate yourself and others.

You believe in yourself.

You believe in your own powers.

Your subconscious accepts immediately these messages.

You control your thoughts.

You have unlimited options.

You know what you want and why.

Your path is clear now.

You embrace bliss now.

You feel bliss now.

You are a perfect and magnificent being.

People are attracted from your inner light.

You are confident now.

You express divine love, light, truth and beauty.

You are not the past.

You create new, good prospects.

You create good prospects for yourself, because You Deserve It.

A new road full of joy and fulfillment is open for you.

You are loved.

Every breath you take fills you with harmony and peace.

You accept all things with a peaceful spirit.

You are in peace with everyone in your life.

You are in peace with your past.

You are in peace with yourself and your life.

The tension leaves your mind and body now.

You feel more contented every day.

You are in total control in stressful situations.

You are in total harmony with your surroundings.

You go with the flow.

You let the tension to go away now.

You regularly take time to relax.

You relax and fully experience life.

You feel and radiate love and kindness every moment.

Your soul is healed now.

Everything works flawlessly for you.

You don’t live in the past.

Everything go and will continue to go well in your life.

Better things are coming to you.

Greater and better moments are coming to you.

Your life flows harmoniously.

Your life is full of wonderful opportunities.

You are free to choose.

Your mind absorbs and understands all these messages.

You create your life now.

You feel peace inside you now.

Everything in your life flow smoothly and peacefully.

A higher power helps you to create the life you want.

Joy and beauty overwhelm your life.

You are successful.

You have infinite choices.

Life is joy, fun and wonderful moments.

Soul, mind, body and emotions are in harmony now.

Life is wonderful.

You feel great that you are in this world.

You feel gratitude for everything you have.

You are harmonized with your true self now.

You deserve love, success and happiness.

You deserve to live the fulfillment of your dreams.

You deserve all these.

You have success in everything you do.

You release any fear, worry and mental limitation.

You release any resistance now.

Joy, bliss, completeness now.

You are your best self more and more.

You have total inner stability.

No person or situation can disturb your emotions and your inner stability and harmony.

Your thoughts are anchored in serenity, peace and security.

You choose serenity and harmony today.

You choose love and good will throughout this day.

You think, feel and imagine positive energy surrounding you.

You have abundance in health, happiness, prosperity and friendship.

You have joy and positivity in your life.

You have control of your mind.

You have the ability to choose how you feel.

You are a happy person.

You have strength, health and certainty for yourself.

You feel joy and fulfillment.

You know the way of joy, serenity and harmony.

You feel great about yourself.

You empower yourself with happy and beneficial thoughts.

You love your life.

You are flooded by feelings of joy and bliss.

Today you are and feel happy and in harmony.

You are a charming and fascinating person.

You have control of your life.

You are complete by your nature.

You are connected with the peace and joy that lies inside you.

You are at peace with yourself, the world and everything in it.

You are a radiant, bright and peaceful being.

You are a wonderful being that constantly radiates love and peace.

You manage stress easily.

Your mind is healthy and relaxed.

You know what to do in order to relax.

You are stress-free.

You are a confident person.

You can do anything you want to.

You accept yourself for who you are.

You are happy with your life.

You are emotionally stable.

You feel good about yourself.

You are open to change.

You enjoy life to the fullest.

You are free from the need to control everything.

You are free from any resistance.

You love who you are.

You are a beautiful person.

You are a relaxed and confident person.

You do what you love to do.

You attract people and circumstances that are for your good.

You feel inner bliss.

You are an adorable and wonderful human being.

You have good feelings for everyone.

You feel happiness, kindness, love, joy, bliss and fulfillment now.

The road of success, happiness and fulfillment is open for you now.

Your thoughts are anchored in peace, tranquility, security and divine guidance.

You are worthy and you can do everything.

You have a quiet mind.

Your thoughts and emotions contain happiness and harmony.

You choose happiness today.

You are the paradigm of peace, love and goodwill.

You release any weakness.

You have thoughts of joy, hope, success and love in your mind.

You feel joy and bliss that you are in this world.

You enjoy every moment of your life.

Every day you get more strength.

You have anything you need and it is for your highest good.

You attract pleasant situations.

Pleasant situations are coming to you.

You attract happiness and wonderful moments all the time.

You offer good things and happiness to everyone.

Your mind and your body are getting stronger day by day.

Happiness, light and love flow constantly to you.

You feel calmness and everything go perfect.

You let your life to flow harmoniously and all the goods are coming to you.

Your path becomes more and more clear everyday.

You overcome any obstacle with your will and your strength.

All doubts disappear now.

All obstacles disappear now.

You feel great for yourself and your life.

You feel relaxation and calmness. Everything works perfect for you.

Happiness is your birth right.

It is easy for you to feel happy and relaxed around other people.

You let go, and feel the tension go away.


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