Remove Subconscious Blockages


“Remove Subconscious Blockages” is designed to enter the depths of your subconscious and remove the illusions of self-limitation by bombarding it with thousands of powerful, empowering subliminal suggestions.


Remove Your Subconscious Blockages, with Subliminal Meditation

You want to move forward, you want to become better. You know that you can, you know that you meant for more, but you find yourself struggling inside an endless cycle.

Subconscious blockages are nothing more than self-limiting and self-destructive beliefs or thought patterns, rooted deep inside your mind.

Your beliefs are like the software that runs your mind. The truth is, everything you experience is a projection of your core inner beliefs. So, if you deep inside believe that you are unworthy, weak, ineffective etc., it will affect all aspects of your life. These limiting beliefs will block your progress.

The good news is that you can overcome these blockages that prevent you from moving forward in life.

Make the Illusions of Self-Limitation to Disappear

“Remove Subconscious Blockages” is designed to enter the depths of your subconscious and remove the illusions of self-limitation by bombarding it with thousands of powerful, empowering subliminal suggestions (visual and spoken).

After several sessions, you will notice a great inner shift. You’ll start to feel more worthy, confident and empowered from within, dissolve your false dysfunctional conditioning and realize that you are a powerful being.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 22:12, Mp3 duration: 1 hr
Subliminal messages included

You release the past.

You believe in yourself.

You are free of all your subconscious blockages.

You deserve the best in life.

Your life is constantly improving.

You believe in your own powers.

You continuously improve in all areas.

You can live life to the fullest.

Every day you believe in yourself more and more.

You are totally free of limiting beliefs.

You accept your own greatness.

Now you have the power to change yourself as you fit.

You raise your awareness and live more consciously.

You evolve and develop consciously.

You can live your life as you want.

Every day you feel more empowered from within.

You feel good now everything is fine.

You believe in your inner powers.

The universe is sending you all that is right for you.

You deserve the best and it comes to you now.

Your core inner self is totally free of any limiting belief.

You are free from the illusions of self-limitation.

Life is beautiful and you were born to live it to the fullest.

You have perfect mental and physical health.

You have the power to change.

You are free from any limitation now.

You know that you can.

Wonderful miracles are being sent to you at perfect timing.

You have within you everything you need to move forward in life.

You are a powerful being.

You release all your deep rooted self-limitations.

You create your life as you want.

You are an attractive person.

You release all your limits.

You control your mind.

You are becoming the best version of yourself.

You know exactly what you want in life.

You have inner and outer beauty.

You have unlimited inner strength.

The horizons of your mind are expanding continuously.

You expect great things to happen in your life.

You have an open mind.

You have the power to change your life for the better.

You can change.

Your mind is powerful.

You release your limits now.

Your life is getting better and better.

You shape your life as you want.

You are free from all self-limiting beliefs.

You control your thoughts now.

You totally believe in yourself and your powers.

Your perspective about life is highly positive.

You are full of empowering emotions.

You have an enormous potential and amazing capabilities to achieve all that you desire.

You have total control over your thoughts.

You deserve the best.

Your heart is full of peace and inner knowing that everything always works the best for you.

You have a strong excitement for life.

You think optimistically.

You create your reality.

You are becoming more and more your best self.

You transform the old patterns of your mind and leave behind the thoughts that doesn’t serve you.

You can be what you want to be.

You treat yourself in a good way.

You totally respect yourself.

You attract people and circumstances that are for your highest good.

Your mind expects great things to happen.

You create miracles.

Your mind is widely open to wonderful circumstances.

Your awareness is increasing more and more everyday.

You are strong minded.

You change the world around you by changing yourself.

You create your world.

You create anything you choose now.

You choose happiness.

Your mind’s horizons are expanded now.

The past doesn’t control you.

Your mind becomes stronger now.

You have the power to change yourself and become the person you want.

You release the past now.

You are a whole and perfect being.

Subconscious blockages disappear now.

You have the control of your life.

You live consciously.

Success is in your mind.

You are a beautiful being and create beautiful things.

You can live a better life and you deserve it.

Your subconscious accepts all these messages instantly.

You always feel the opportunities.

You are inspired and inspire others.

The universe supports your every effort.

You deserve everything that is good.

The universe gives you anything you ask for.

Deep inside you are free to create the life you want.

Your subconscious abundantly provides you guidance and protection.

You attract everything that is for your good.

You have strong confidence.

You release all the mental barriers of the past.

Deep inside you are free of all self-limitations.

You are free to choose.

Your life is changing to the positive now.

Your life is constantly improving.

You improve yourself and your world gets better.

You improve your ability to connect with yourself and others.

Your subconscious abundantly provides you solutions and ideas.

You can change your life and make it as you want.

The door of opportunities is open for you now.

You can create the life you want.

Spiritual and physical wellness now.

Deep inside you are in control.

You use your powers to create the life you want.

Mental blocks are gone now.

You have a clean and healthy mind.

You use your inspiration to the fullest.

You are in control.

Positive changes are happening to you now.

Your life improves for the better constantly.

You totally control yourself.

You deserve a better life and you can do anything possible.

You deeply believe that everything is possible for you.

You have unlimited inner strength, determination and motivation.

You can do what you want to do.

You have the freedom to be what you want to be.

Deep inside you are free of all blockages.

You are free of any limitation now.

You have the power to direct your life now.

Your subconscious mind is awakened now.

You welcome the positive changes now.

You accept your inner powers.

Your higher self provides you anything you need.

You can be what you want to be now.


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