The Vibration of Love


“The Vibration of Love” contains visuals, beautiful melodies, affirmations and suggestions that will directly go into your subconscious mind, all designed to make you think, feel and radiate love.

Attract Love with Subliminal Meditation

Love is the ultimate power. When someone is in love, sees everything with another perspective, feels like being in heaven. Our thoughts and emotions, our inner state of being, is what we send to the outer world, and then we attract and have experiences that are proportional to this state. If you have feelings of self-doubt, jealousy, anger etc., you will live in this state, and you will experience this kind of situations, which is a projection of your inner world.

Our subconscious mind, among other things, controls our speaking, our look, our body language. So, we affect those around us, as they are receiving constantly what we feel and think at any given moment, and they behave to us correspondingly.

Everything begins with an intention (thought), then it becomes an emotion, and then becomes an attitude. If your intention is to have love in your life, then this video will help you to reinforce it.

Feel, Think, and Radiate Love

“The Vibration of Love” contains visuals, beautiful melodies, affirmations and suggestions (visual and spoken) that will directly go into your subconscious mind, all designed to make you think, feel and radiate love.

By watching “The Vibration of Love” regularly, you will start feeling and thinking differently about yourself, others and life. When your mindset will change, you will be able to give and attract love in your life easily.

While you watch the video, stay focused as possible and repeat the affirmations to get the most of it.

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Video duration: 24:22, Mp3 duration: 25:00
Subliminal messages included

You love and appreciate yourself.

You feel connected to the energy of love.

You are open to love.

You are open and complete.

You are receiving love.

Love comes to you now.

Every cell of your body radiates beauty and love.

The love you vibrate creates miracles in your world.

You feel the flow of love in all of your life.

You can love and be loved.

Joy and beauty fill your life.

Your heart is open, wise and mature.

You feel love and attract love.

You attract the love you desire.

You rest in the arms of love.

You have total self-appreciation.

Your life is filled with love.

You are love.

Love is everywhere.

You are surrounded by love any moment and at any place.

You see the world through the eyes of love.

Your love attracts equal and balanced love.

You attract love in everything you do.

You do everything with love.

Miracles surround you wherever you go.

Love is all around you right now.

You are pure love.

You have love and compassion in your heart.

You have unconditional love.

You have love by your nature.

You are loved.

You have pure thoughts of love.

You have lovely thoughts and emotions.

You have pure feelings of love.

Your actions contain pure love.

You give and receive love easily and joyfully.

You deserve to be loved and you allow yourself to be loved.

You love yourself and you naturally attract loving relationships into your life.

You see everyone and everything through the eyes of pure unconditional love.

Your partner and you are perfect match for each other and the love between you is divine.

You love everything you see.

You are one with all things and you radiate pure love and light.

You are one with everything else in the existence.

You radiate love and happiness.

You love and accept the blessed bounty of the universe.

You allow love to find you easily and effortlessly.

You allow your heart to open and to experience love.

You are a loving and lovable person.

You are a magnificent being with an abundance of love to give.

You are a radiant being filled with love and light.

You are a warm, giving person.

You love your family.

You are deeply loved and love deeply in return.

You are filled with the light of love, peace and joy.

You are greeted by love wherever you go.

You love all the existence.

Your inner beauty touches others with love, peace, hope and compassion.

You feel connected with the flow of love in your life.

You see and feel Divine Love everywhere.

You radiate the energy of love and you attract love in your life.

You have abundant love within you and you offer it unconditionally.

You are a warm, loving person that constantly offers love.

You love your friends and care for them.

You feel love surrounding your life.

You feel infinite love here and now.

I Love You.

Universal Love is flowing through you.

You let your desires to come true in all aspects of your life.

You are a being of love and light.

You are open to the universal energy of love and you allow it to reside within you.

All the love you need is within you.

As you project love into the world, everyone around you is affected.

As you share your love with others, the universe sends love back to you.

As you welcome love, so love welcomes you.

Love is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.

By constantly sending love into the world, you are continually receiving love from others.

Everywhere you go, you find true love.

I Forgive You.

By truly loving yourself, it is easy to love all others.

Every day you feel more loving and lovable.

Every day you find new ways to experience and express intimacy to others.

Every day you send healing love out to the world.

Infinite love surrounds your life.

Everyday you feel more love in your life.

Every day your love grows stronger.

Every moment of every day you are becoming more and more loving.

Everything you do is an expression of the love you have for all the existence.

Everywhere you look, you see love.

You accept all signs of love as genuine and unconditional.

You accept love with open arms and an open heart.


You allow yourself to open your heart and experience love.

You are immensely thankful for all the love in your life.

You are loved and cared for.

You are a magnificent and lovable human being

You are loving and affectionate at all times.

You are loved and supported.

You are loving and compassionate to yourself and others.

You are met with love wherever you go.

You are now open to receiving and giving love.

You are romantically contented.

You are so very grateful for all the love in your life.

You are so thankful for all the loving people in your life.

You are surrounded by loving, caring people.

You are surrounded by people who love you.

You are thankful that your heart feels love and compassion.


You are totally lovable, just the way you are.

You love others unconditionally.

You are very affectionate and loving.

Whatever be your relationship, love and compassion is the foundation of that relationship.

In all your relationships, with your parents, siblings, your life partner or your friends, you only give love and seek love.

You are very grateful for all the love in your life.

You are willing to love yourself unconditionally.

You are worthy of love, just as everyone else is.

You are worthy of receiving love.

You vibrate in the frequency of love.

You are filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth.

You choose to be loving and accepting of people.

You confidently allow yourself to be loved by others.

You feel loved and loving at all times.

You love yourself and everybody else and in return everybody loves you.

Your Life is Love.

Your partner and you are perfect match for each other and the love between you is divine.

You radiate pure, unconditional love to your partner and he/she to you. You complement each other.

You feel loved and respected.

You freely give your love to others, and receive the same.

You generously give love, and gratefully receive it in return.

You give love freely and easily.

You give to the world your unconditional love.

You hold the key to your own heart.

You are passionately in love.

You know that love is everywhere.

You live your life with gratitude and love.

You love and accept others for who they are.

You love and approve of yourself at all times.

You are surrounded by love and everything is fine.

Your heart is always open and you radiate love.

You love yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are.

You love life and life loves you back.

You love yourself for the person you are.

You love yourself unconditionally.

You love sharing love with the people in your life.

You love the person you see in the mirror.

You are now allowing love to find you.

You love the world and the world loves you.

You love who you are.

You make every act an act of love.

You manifest love into your life by thinking loving thoughts.

You open your arms to all the love the world has to offer.

You open your heart to love.

You radiate love and happiness wherever you go.

You radiate pure, unconditional love to all the people in your life.

You really and truly love the person you are.

You receive all the love you need to feel cherished and appreciated.

You resonate with the power of love.

You deserve love and bliss.

You are a love magnet.

When you wake up and before you sleep you make thoughts of love.

You attract the perfect love.

Your heart is open to love.

You deserve to fully be loved.

You are open to offer constantly the energy of love that you have within.


You attract the love of your dreams.

You are so grateful for the love that you have in your life.

You see a world full of love and acceptance.

You see everything through the eyes of love.

You are grateful for the love that is around you.

You see the truth in the world by looking with your heart.

You seize every opportunity to show your love for others.

You send love and tranquility to all those around you.

You treat yourself with love and respect.

You welcome all the wonder and glory of life into your heart.


It is your greatest desire to live each and every day with perfect love.

Love and peace surrounds your life at all times.

Love fills your entire world.

Love greets you in every situation in your life.

Love is all around you.

Love is the ultimate feeling and you practice this feeling at all times.

Your belief in love opens your heart to receiving it.

Your capacity to love deepens when you tap into the silent wisdom of your heart.

Your heart and mind are open to giving and receiving love.

Your heart becomes more open and loving every day.

Your heart is always open to love.

You resonate with the energy of love.

Your heart is filled with love.

Your life is filled with joyous love.

Your life is filled with loving, caring people.


I Love You.

Your life is illuminated by the loving relationships with which you are blessed.

Your life keeps getting better and better.

Your thoughts are always loving and truthful.

You treat everyone with love and respect.

Your true love is on the way to you.

Your inner being radiates love and appreciation.

You live in a peaceful, abundant and loving universe.

Your world is full of love and joy.

The light of love is always within you.

The love and kindness you express to others returns to you multifold.

The more you love, the more love is returned to you.

The more love and harmony you offer, the more you receive.

The more love you give, the more you receive.

The power of love guides you all the moments.

There is no problem so big or so small, that you cannot solve it with love.

Today you bless your being with infinite love.

Today you look for love in everyone you meet.

Today you open your heart to true love and affection.

Today you send your love to anyone who need it.

Today you show your love to those in your life who are most precious to you.

Universal love flows through you.

The power of love is guiding you in all ways.

With every breath you take, you are bringing more and more love into your life.

With love in your heart, you understand yourself and the world.

In life, you always get what you give out and you always give out love.

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