Say Thank You for What you Have – The Power of Gratitude

Say Thank You for What you Have – The Power of Gratitude

Use the power of gratitude and create miracles in your life.

Our mind is our most powerful weapon. Our thoughts determine our future.

You may not understand it now but there will definitely be events in your life that prove it!

Many times we think about our problems constantly and end up in an unbearable overthinking that doesn’t let us calm down.

Our unpaid bills, our health, poor working conditions, make us anxious, and we are filling our minds with negativity and fear.

You will have noticed that as you think negatively everything goes wrong. Bills are always more, relationships with others are getting worse and your life is in a dead end!

But what would you do if you knew how to change them all? If you put the magic and power of gratitude into your life everything will change!

Surely there will be a small light in the “dark place” you are locked in.

For this light you should be grateful… for the smallest, insignificant, what you have so far ignored.

When you don’t appreciate what you already have, the air you breathe, your health, your job, your friends, your family, the food you have every day at your table and much more, you will not be given more…

Say THANK YOU for what you have without asking for more. Live with gratitude and you will slowly see how your life will change magically.

Get away from you negative people and unpleasant situations and hold tight everything that makes you shout THANK YOU.

By Eirini Aggelidi,

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