When you observe with attention, you change your reality.

Abundance or wealth means that one can easily fulfill his desires, whatever they may be, whether they are in the sphere of matter or emotional, psychological, spiritual needs or in the sphere of relationships. The attention of a truly wealthy person never focuses only on money. In addition, a wealthy person never has any financial concerns.

You may have millions of dollars in the bank, but if you constantly think about money, if you worry about it – that you don’t have enough, you want to get more or you afraid that you lose it, then, regardless of the amount of money you own, you are poor. As Oskar Wilde once said,

There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else.

Having real wealth or being prosperous implies a completely carefree attitude towards anything in life, even for money. True wealth consciousness is, therefore, the consciousness of the source of every material reality. This source is pure consciousness, pure awareness, the unified field, the quantum field of all possibilities.

How to Comprehend the Quantum Field

We can’t get to know the quantum field only by focusing on it, because it is, by definition, transcendent of thought. But, we can have experiential knowledge of this field through transcendence, knowing it as our own intimate nature.

When we go beyond, we understand non-verbally, without the use of words. We gain direct knowledge without the intransigent mediation of speech. This is the value of meditation that gives us the experience of pure Being, although the experience of pure Being is in itself an expression of pure joy and bliss.

The main advantage of interchanging meditation and activity is that the more we plunge into the field of pure Being, of pure consciousness and awareness, the more our activity is impregnated; and then, our activity acquires the qualities that are inherent to the pure Being: infinity, limitlessness, abundance, prosperity.

The best way to comprehend this pure field is meditation. It also helps us to understand these qualities mentally and to turn our attention to them because everything we experience is the result of the quality of our attention.

Quantum Field and Observation

Let’s talk more about the quantum field. Physicists tell us that as we pass beyond the sphere of the subatomic particles, and by extension everything that is “real”, when we try to look and understand these particles (quarks, bosons, leptons etc.), they are so small that we can’t even measure them. There are not available instruments to measure the infinite magnitude of these particles. They are actually so small that we can only think about them.

There is a very interesting fact about these particles: nobody has ever seen them. So if you can’t see these subatomic particles, if you can’t observe them, how can you know if they exist? And the answer is that we know their existence by the traces they leave in particle accelerators. In areas that scientists investigate the subatomic theories, one can see -even photograph- the traces that these particles leave behind. And by looking at them, one knows that they have really been there. But there is another interesting aspect of these particles: they seem to exist only when we observe them.

Therefore, if we observe a quantum field, every time we focus our attention on it, these particles instantly flash into beings. And every time we turn our attention away, they disappear into the emptiness. They light up and turn off like tiny lights in a dark chamber. You can imagine the dark chamber as the infinite, unlimited space, and the glimpse of the existence of the particles only be done by focusing our attention on the field.

When you focus your attention on the field, the particles emerge into beings. When your attention is focused elsewhere, then it’s only a range of probabilities in the field of all possibilities. Each particle is at the same time a wave, and it’s a wave until the moment of observation. A wave is not limited to a specific place in space or time; it is diffused. That’s why it is called a range of probabilities in the field of all possibilities. It determines the statistical probability of finding a particle at a certain position at the moment of observation – that is, the moment of attention. It is the attention that changes the probability range, the wave, the probability distribution, for a possible measurement.

Attention takes the range of probabilities and gives it physical existence, only by the simple act of observation, and this is, of course, the focus of our attention on it.

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About the author

Zizi Pateraki is a spiritual teacher and healer. Her website is live-in-light.com.

There are no mistakes in this world, we are all part of a universal masterpiece. We are bigger than you think, we are bigger than we have been conditioned to believe.

As we move through the evolution of thought we are beginning to remember that there is more, we are beginning to remember that we are the creators.

In order to create reality, science, spirituality and consciousness are all showing us that all things are alive with energy. As the quantum field begins to uncover a new understanding of our physical world, the ancient indigenous cultures are stirring with anticipation as we reconnect to knowledge they have held since the dawn of man. Prophecies are being fulfilled almost daily and there are only a few left.

For the past 250 years we have been taught to think our way through life, we have been taught to take the energy we need from our fellow man. Whether it is resources, physical labour, power, or fame. We have been taught wrong. We have been conditioned to believe that progression is based on lack, domination and fear.

Today as we begin to remember to feel our way through life via our higher self, our heart, our gut, or whatever name one chooses to call it. We are seeing that the planet itself is the balance of life, mother earth is the giver and taker of all the energy we could ever need, both positive and negative. We can get our energy from the mountains, the trees, the oceans, the wind, and the rivers. When you feel weak it is not right to attack someone else emotionally or physically, all we do is hurt one another and perpetuate the cycle of lack and limit. Nature will take that negative energy from you and bring balance to your life, topping you up with positive energy.

It is time to stop taking energy from one another. We have become so wrapped up in this commercial illusion that has been painted for us that we base our energy level, our thoughts, our emotions, our self esteem, on what other peoples thoughts and opinions are. It is time we start getting our energy from nature once again. No longer must you give your power and your energy, to someone else on the bases of their opinion or “norm”. The cycle of acceptance and social security is an illusion.

We are here to be who we are, we are not here to fit into groups or meet certain stereo types or criteria, we are not meant to take energy from one another. Earth is the great balance of polarity, we exist on earth for a reason. We do not feel captive by the earths thoughts or opinions of us, so why do we feel captive by other peoples thoughts of us or society’s thoughts of us? Because we are using energy wrong.

We have been taught and conditioned this way for a reason. We have been taught to use energy in this way to limit our own freedom and police our own power. To keep us from the truth that every single drop of energy is provided naturally. We do not need the system, acceptance or permission to have what we want. The earth provides us with all the energy we need to create. It is time we remembered we are the creators and our life energy exists outside in nature, not in other people.

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What if I told you that you are the creator of your life? You are the master of your own reality! Would you believe me?

Some of these may sound familiar to you: “I am not successful/happy because of my partner/my parents who did not give me the right start in life; I’m too old to do what I want to do; I do not have the right resources to succeed…

Excuses… We are hiding behind them, hoping that some kind of ‘secret’ will save us. We keep on visualizing our ideal life, without taking any actions towards it.

If you leave that comfort zone of yours, who knows, you may fail… or you might succeed! You are afraid; consciously or not, you sabotage your own happiness. But why? What’s behind these fears and self limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your dream? Why after reading all those self help books, studying those getting-rich-quick formulas, attending several seminars and workshops are you still living that mediocre life?

Let me share a secret with you. A secret behind any universal law. A secret that is not a secret anymore, because it is behind all realities in this universe.

This information will (hopefully) wake you up, and you will be brave enough to take responsibility of your own life! Because the only war you need to win in this life, is the war against yourself!

Let’s start with Albert Einstein. He wrote:

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get they reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Quantum physics supports his theory and proves to us that the universe – everything that surrounds you, everything you see and smell, and you yourself – is made of atoms. Those atoms can be split into protons, neutrons and electrons. When we zoom in, we’ll find quarks. Those small particles are submissive to our brain waves.

As Einstein wrote, EVERYTHING is energy. Even your thoughts. And this can be recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG), showing how your brain waves change frequency depending on positive or negative thoughts.

Your thoughts have a direct influence on your physical body as well. Modern science has proven what effects positive or negative emotions have on our wellbeing, success and even happiness. Depending on your emotions, you take a decision, which leads to a certain result in your life.

Just think about the influence of your thoughts on those tiny particles which our entire world is made of! Amazing, isn’t it? So remember, the result you have now in your life started with a thought!

Nikola Tesla said it best:

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Awareness is the first step to mastering your reality. Did you know that only 4% of your choices is made by using your conscious mind? The rest are unconscious choices. Just think about it! That’s why mindfulness is such a popular word these days. It forces you to switch off the autopilot and observe.

Do you look around sometimes and realize that your current life is not the life you’ve been dreaming of? That it’s not how you imagined it to be?

Our subconscious mind is in control of our life, but it’s also a mind of habits. That’s why it’s not easy to change the way you think and stop those negative emotions, feelings, beliefs that control your life.

So here it comes to the neuroscience! Modern neuroscience has proven that all our emotions (fears, doubts) are nothing more or less than neural connections, which you once have created (probably unconsciously) in your brain.

But that also means that you can create new neural connections – better and more positive ones. That will help you create your new life, where you will be in control over your habits, where you will have the right perspective on life, where you will be happy in the relationships and where you will live your dreams instead of chasing them! That is called neuroplasticity.

So, wake up! Become aware of your thoughts, because like attracts like. Take control of your emotional state and train your brain! Remember that in life it’s all about Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Understanding those laws gives you this great power of creating your own reality!

This article was originally posted on learning-mind.com and used here with permission.

About the author

Yulia Stark is the author of the self development book “Master your Reality”. A book that not only inspires people to live their live to the fullest, a life without regrets, but also shows how to leave the mediocrity behind and finally live the life of your dreams! Yulia just loves Public Speaking, where she can inspire people to be more aware. Her life credo is: “The best way to predict your future is to create it”  (A. Lincoln)

Why is it important to live consciously? How does one affects the world when he lives consciously?

Any situation in which the world is, it’s most likely to be the result of our thoughts and thus of our behaviors, which at the higher percentage are unconscious. The whole humanity is something like a big brain, which processes the thoughts of all people and gives a result. Ralph Waldo Emerson called it common mind.

There is one mind common to all individual men.

he said; eventually, he was right.

The Global Consciousness Project

Dr. Roger Nelson at the University of Princeton, created an experiment based on random (seemingly demonstrated) numbers and the intentions of people around the world. He discovered after countless experiments that when portions of people coordinated in a feeling or thought, then the random number generators didn’t produced at all random numbers.

He called the whole project noosphere and it’s the so-called unified field of consciousness described by sages of many ancient cultures.

The state of consciousness of all people creates the order that prevails throughout the Earth. Our thoughts and feelings determine not only the individual condition of our existence, but the whole world in which we live; the subtle interactions between us, connect us to all other people and the Earth, and thus, we create all together the collective consciousness.

Just think how much responsibility each of us has with his thoughts and behaviors towards our fellowmen.

The Science of Quantum Physics

On the other hand, the modern science of quantum physics has shown that at the profound level of our being there is an invisible energy that connects us all.

Also, the experiments have shown that the intention of the observer, influences the outcome of the experiment. Max Planck, the “father” of quantum physics said:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

According to the modern scientific thought, the whole universe is unified and interconnected and in fact there is no separation, but, unity. What makes us see the parts of the universe individually, is an illusion created by the physiology of our brains. As shown, however, any action of any part of the whole, affects the whole.

So, it’s important to control and be aware of what we think, what we say and what we do, as all these affect somehow as uncommon as it may seem, the whole world. It is important to live more consciously, to have positive intentions and behave with kindness towards other people.