Nobody will make you feel good about yourself if you don’t believe in yourself first, and nobody will break down the image you have for yourself, if you are sure of how capable and strong you are. Self-confidence is your most valuable weapon and the starting point for each movement and step.

The moments you feel that your confidence is “hurted” are the moments where you feel weaker, and the moments that you stand firmly on your feet are the moments where your confidence is solid. A solid confidence is the ticket to the life that you are destined to do. It is important not to let it at low levels because with it, you fall too low also.

How can you keep your morale and self-confidence high?

Here are some important tips that will help you regain your self-confidence:

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself, because what you think about yourself is exactly what you are. The power of your mind is greater than you believe and your self-esteem is affected much more from your mind rather than your real strengths and capabilities. The moment you realize that your forces are more and bigger than you think, will be the moment you feel more liberated, confident and stronger than ever.

Live Your Life as Only YOU Know

Live your life with the unique way that only you can live it. Do not try to impersonate someone else, because you will surely fail. Do not camouflage yourself to look like the people around you, because again you will fail and you will lose your time and life to something fruitless and futile.

If you were a lion, you wouldn’t pretend to be a sheep because firstly it’s impossible, and, secondly, it has no meaning. The fact that you resemble in appearance to other people, that you have two hands and two feet, does not mean that you are the same with them. Don’t try to imitate anyone and don’t expect anyone to imitate you. You are unique, like everyone else.

Be Authentic

Most times in life, we pretend to be something else, considering that this “something else” makes people love us, and the more loved is this “other self”, the more we forget the genuine self. Find – as long as you need to do, your real self and stay credible to him. It’s not something easy, and as the years passing, it’s more likely to have been “covered” with a bunch of masks, but it’s worth, more than anything, the fatigue and effort.

Try for one week to dress, treat and act the way you truly feel and your means let you and you will see that your confidence will rise sharply, and your smile from the freedom that you feel will go up to the sky.

Accept Yourself

Love yourself first and then others, accept your reality and everything will seem more normal, even if you are completely different from the average. Nobody is born perfect and nobody has found happiness by not first accepting who really is. Realize your truth and once you succeed on that, you will have confidence and strength to achieve anything you want and crave in your life, because you will be aware until where your limits are.

Watch: The Vibration of Love

Do Not Disappoint Yourself

Losing a fight (e.g. failing in a job) is in the “schedule”. But to start like a loser from a low self-esteem is the greatest betrayal that you can commit against yourself. Your self-confidence and self-esteem are the most powerful weapons against the circumstances and if you always start like a loser, then you definitely will never go out winner. Do not disappoint yourself by believing what others say, as they consciously or unconsciously trying to discourage you. The little voice inside you is stronger than any other voice from the outside.

Make Big Plans

You determine your life and the course you will have on this planet, so do not ever start your movements tentatively and with fear because until there you will manage to reach. Aim high and if you don’t succeed you will get a valuable lesson. In any event you will be winner and definitely more powerful.


One becomes “energy vampire” when he plays roles through which tries to remove energy from others and not give.

There are many everyday conscious and unconscious techniques that people use to remove energy from others. The book “The Celestine Prophecy” does a good categorization of these control dramas.

They are four:

The first is the role of “victim“, through which the person tries through techniques of “regret me the poor little”, or “I, the underclass”, etc., to grab the attention of others, so the energy them. Often patients have such behavior.

The second is the role of “distant“, not talking too much, or make the uninterested, or leaves (to let others run behind him and concern about him), trying to get noticed, and hence pull the energy of others.

The third is the role of “interrogator“, ie one is trying to put another in an apologetic position, to make him accountable, forbidding this way his power, therefore his energy. Many become interrogators unconsciously when trying to abdicate their responsibilities. Also, the interrogator is one that indicate to others their faults by making them feel “smaller“. Another interrogative technique is when one makes a lot of questions requiring answers. In this way, an interrogator “sucks” your vital energy.

The fourth is the role of the “terrorist“, who by violence and with his voice trying to take control, with psychological blackmail etc. Usually, the victims attract terrorists and vice versa, while distants attract interrogators and vice versa. Someone, let’s say, become a coward because he’s afraid to face a terrorist because the terrorist makes him even more terrified. The terrorist challenge more to the other, the victim’s behavior, and thus is created between the energetic relationship of power-control, a bond like energetic tentacles between the three lower chakras of the individuals concerned. The interrogator, on the other, with questions addressed in the distant, type of “but what you have to tell me, tell me!” as many couples do. So one makes him even more distant.

The challenge is to recognize these roles, so we ourselves not taking part in such competitions of energy! Do not pamper, say, a sick person who is constantly whining. Because, by this way he accommodated to his illness and he like it, a not honorable thing for the wholeness of His Self. Or, to not ask continuously a “distant”, ‘why are you like that?’. We must maintain in any case our confidence without being afraid what the other may be misunderstood. And of course, to not be interrogators about the mistakes we think we see, nor to engage in psychological blackmail etc.

A very important point is to have confidence. To be in our center without being affected by the behavior of others, who sometimes go to fool us, make us angry, etc. The issue is not to expel what we consider negative, but to constantly create positivity. This way, if we do not water the weeds, they will simply wither!

Here is a short video clip from the movie “The Celestine Prophecy”, the author of the book and film director, James Redfield.


Do you find yourself “playing” any of the above control dramas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.