The human soul is a topic of much speculation and wonder.

Many people don’t believe in the existence of a soul, and a lot of arguments have been constructed which suggest consciousness is derived from other sources. I’ve even written an article which described one of these theories, relating synapses firing in our brains to the creation of our consciousness. This article, however, is approaching the topic from a completely different perspective, as it’s important to maintain an open mind when dealing with speculative understanding, and because there is a significant amount of evidence which suggests that reincarnation is a reality. While it can’t be quantified by the scientific method (an empirical measurement) in a physical sense, but the evidence and unexplainable recorded events can be measured well enough.

Varying Theories of Reincarnation

A lot of different beliefs about what exactly reincarnation is have surfaced over the years. Some believe that reincarnation is a cyclic occurrence which is able to be used to attain ultimate enlightenment. This particular belief uses a symbol referred to as Kundalini, which is represented by a snake wrapping around all seven chakras. Eventually, after enough lives have been lived as a good person and specific stipulations have been fulfilled, the individual will either go insane or become enlightened.

Another theory suggests that immediately as we pass from our existence we are transferred into a new life, specifically human, while yet another belief maintains we can be reincarnated as animals and insects.

There are even those who believe that we all get to choose who, what, and when we are reincarnated; some advocates of this theory have entertained the possibility that we can even metaphorically write out our goals and destiny in our next life before we are born into it, potentially with the guidance of angels while looking upon the soon-to-come events from Heaven. One consistency found in all of these beliefs is the existence of the conscious soul. A spirit form of ourselves which is comprised of a unique energy structure, unique vibrational “song”, and a different form of memory and personality than we typically associate with our lives.

Scientific Evidence

Aside from using abductive reasoning and forming a hypothesis based around accounts of out of body experience, astral projection, and other accountable phenomena, the proof of the existence of a soul can be better found in the verifiable recognition of past lives. There have been various circumstances in which young children will recount events and friends from their alleged past life, or phobias and birthmarks synonymous with the alleged previous life have been confirmed.

In fact, the high quantity of cases which were considered worth investigating, just discovered by Ph.D. Ian Stevenson (former chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Virginia School of Medicine), were so many that it wasn’t even fathomable to investigate all of them. The statistics and data from just this one research team took over 40 years to accumulate and are based on investigations into over 3000 stories.

Quote from Dr. Stevenson’s article, Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons:

“About 35% of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated.”

Stories of Past Lives

In one study, three individual children were looked at in great detail. Roughly 30-40 accounts, ranging from names of previous acquaintances, personalities, occupations of people they were associated with, with verified as factual. These particular individuals also had some physical characteristic similarities to the recounted past life and depicted birthmarks associated with trauma in their past life. Some of these accounts even took belongings and possessions into consideration, which were easily confirmed.

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In fact, one of my personal high-school friends was shocked about a year ago when her son began explaining who he was, first and last name, his job, and a lot of other minor details. Upon some research, Cassie and I found that her son, Royce, was correct in what he was saying, and that the particular person he described had passed away only a few months before Royce was born. Obviously, I didn’t go to the level of talking to relatives of this referenced person but found it fascinating nonetheless.

So, while the soul is a topic of such speculation, it seems like the biggest advocate for proving it’s existence is the study into reincarnation. There is a daunting amount of seeming proof through the verifiable recounts, as well as the abductive reasoning working in favor for the belief of reincarnation.

Whether it’s instantaneous and random or our consciousness decides when and who we become, it seems to have sufficient measurable data to maintain a viable hypothesis. One thing to keep in mind, which occurred to me during my research while writing this article, is that the potential exists for all of this evidence to actually point a completely different direction. For the sake of maintaining an open mind, consider for a moment that the same evidence applies to the theory of the Akashic Records, which I have written an in-depth article on. It could be that such a young and open mind is able to draw the memories from a specific individual with a similar consciousness code… Still, though, it could very well be that this evidence is, in fact, proving the idea of reincarnation. You may draw your own conclusions.

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Professor of astronomy and mathematics Bernard Carr believes that many of the phenomena that can be observed but cannot be explained using the terms of the physical laws of our dimension, in fact, occur in other dimensions.

Albert Einstein claimed that there are at least four dimensions, and the 4th one is time or space-time, as he argued that space and time cannot be devided. In modern physics, there are many supporters of the theories about the existence of 11 or more dimensions.

Carr says that our consciousness interacts with other dimensions. In addition, multidimensional universe, as he imagines it, has a hierarchical structure. And we are in the lowest level of it…

“The model explains the well-known philosophical problem of the relation between matter and thought, explains the nature of time and could be used as an ontological basis for the interpretation of metaphysical and unexplained phenomena such as ghosts, out-of-body experiences, dreams and astral travelling“, he writes.

Carr concludes that our physical senses show us only a 3-dimensional universe, although in reality it has at least four dimensions. Entities that exist in the higher dimensions are simply imperceptible to human physical senses.

“The only non-physical beings, of which we have some idea, are mental, and the existence of supernatural phenomena suggests that these entities must exist in a certain space,” writes Carr.

The space of another dimension which we visit in our dreams intersects with the space where our memory lives. Carr says that the existence of telepathy and clairvoyance indicates that there is collective mental space.

Carr also bases his views on previous hypotheses, including the Kaluza-Klein theory, which combines the fundamental forces of gravity and electromagnetism and also assumes a 5- dimensional space.

At the same time, the so-called “M-theory” suggests that there are 11 dimensions, and the superstring theory refers to the existence of 10 dimensions. Carr thinks that there is a 4-dimensional “external” space, which means the four dimensions according to Einstein, and a 6 or 7-dimensional “internal” space, which means that these dimensions are associated with psychics and other “imperceptible” phenomena.

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