What do synchronized vibrations add to the mind/body question?

Why is my awareness here, while yours is over there? Why is the universe split in two for each of us, into a subject and an infinity of objects? How is each of us our own center of experience, receiving information about the rest of the world out there? Why are some things conscious and others apparently not? Is a rat conscious? A gnat? A bacterium?

These questions are all aspects of the ancient “mind-body problem,” which asks, essentially: What is the relationship between mind and matter? It’s resisted a generally satisfying conclusion for thousands of years.

The mind-body problem enjoyed a major rebranding over the last two decades. Now it’s generally known as the “hard problem” of consciousness, after philosopher David Chalmers coined this term in a now classic paper and further explored it in his 1996 book, “The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory.”

Chalmers thought the mind-body problem should be called “hard” in comparison to what, with tongue in cheek, he called the “easy” problems of neuroscience: How do neurons and the brain work at the physical level? Of course they’re not actually easy at all. But his point was that they’re relatively easy compared to the truly difficult problem of explaining how consciousness relates to matter.

Over the last decade, my colleague, University of California, Santa Barbara psychology professor Jonathan Schooler and I have developed what we call a “resonance theory of consciousness.” We suggest that resonance – another word for synchronized vibrations – is at the heart of not only human consciousness but also animal consciousness and of physical reality more generally. It sounds like something the hippies might have dreamed up – it’s all vibrations, man! – but stick with me.

All about the vibrations

All things in our universe are constantly in motion, vibrating. Even objects that appear to be stationary are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion, characterized by oscillation between two states. And ultimately all matter is just vibrations of various underlying fields. As such, at every scale, all of nature vibrates.

Something interesting happens when different vibrating things come together: They will often start, after a little while, to vibrate together at the same frequency. They “sync up,” sometimes in ways that can seem mysterious. This is described as the phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization.

Mathematician Steven Strogatz provides various examples from physics, biology, chemistry and neuroscience to illustrate “sync” – his term for resonance – in his 2003 book “Sync: How Order Emerges from Chaos in the Universe, Nature, and Daily Life,” including:

  • When fireflies of certain species come together in large gatherings, they start flashing in sync, in ways that can still seem a little mystifying.
  • Lasers are produced when photons of the same power and frequency sync up.
  • The moon’s rotation is exactly synced with its orbit around the Earth such that we always see the same face.

Examining resonance leads to potentially deep insights about the nature of consciousness and about the universe more generally.

Sync inside your skull

Neuroscientists have identified sync in their research, too. Large-scale neuron firing occurs in human brains at measurable frequencies, with mammalian consciousness thought to be commonly associated with various kinds of neuronal sync.

For example, German neurophysiologist Pascal Fries has explored the ways in which various electrical patterns sync in the brain to produce different types of human consciousness.

Fries focuses on gamma, beta and theta waves. These labels refer to the speed of electrical oscillations in the brain, measured by electrodes placed on the outside of the skull. Groups of neurons produce these oscillations as they use electrochemical impulses to communicate with each other. It’s the speed and voltage of these signals that, when averaged, produce EEG waves that can be measured at signature cycles per second.

Gamma waves are associated with large-scale coordinated activities like perception, meditation or focused consciousness; beta with maximum brain activity or arousal; and theta with relaxation or daydreaming. These three wave types work together to produce, or at least facilitate, various types of human consciousness, according to Fries. But the exact relationship between electrical brain waves and consciousness is still very much up for debate.

Fries calls his concept “communication through coherence.” For him, it’s all about neuronal synchronization. Synchronization, in terms of shared electrical oscillation rates, allows for smooth communication between neurons and groups of neurons. Without this kind of synchronized coherence, inputs arrive at random phases of the neuron excitability cycle and are ineffective, or at least much less effective, in communication.

A resonance theory of consciousness

Our resonance theory builds upon the work of Fries and many others, with a broader approach that can help to explain not only human and mammalian consciousness, but also consciousness more broadly.

Based on the observed behavior of the entities that surround us, from electrons to atoms to molecules, to bacteria to mice, bats, rats, and on, we suggest that all things may be viewed as at least a little conscious. This sounds strange at first blush, but “panpsychism” – the view that all matter has some associated consciousness – is an increasingly accepted position with respect to the nature of consciousness.

The panpsychist argues that consciousness did not emerge at some point during evolution. Rather, it’s always associated with matter and vice versa – they’re two sides of the same coin. But the large majority of the mind associated with the various types of matter in our universe is extremely rudimentary. An electron or an atom, for example, enjoys just a tiny amount of consciousness. But as matter becomes more interconnected and rich, so does the mind, and vice versa, according to this way of thinking.

Biological organisms can quickly exchange information through various biophysical pathways, both electrical and electrochemical. Non-biological structures can only exchange information internally using heat/thermal pathways – much slower and far less rich in information in comparison. Living things leverage their speedier information flows into larger-scale consciousness than what would occur in similar-size things like boulders or piles of sand, for example. There’s much greater internal connection and thus far more “going on” in biological structures than in a boulder or a pile of sand.

Under our approach, boulders and piles of sand are “mere aggregates,” just collections of highly rudimentary conscious entities at the atomic or molecular level only. That’s in contrast to what happens in biological life forms where the combinations of these micro-conscious entities together create a higher level macro-conscious entity. For us, this combination process is the hallmark of biological life.

The central thesis of our approach is this: the particular linkages that allow for large-scale consciousness – like those humans and other mammals enjoy – result from a shared resonance among many smaller constituents. The speed of the resonant waves that are present is the limiting factor that determines the size of each conscious entity in each moment.

As a particular shared resonance expands to more and more constituents, the new conscious entity that results from this resonance and combination grows larger and more complex. So the shared resonance in a human brain that achieves gamma synchrony, for example, includes a far larger number of neurons and neuronal connections than is the case for beta or theta rhythms alone.

What about larger inter-organism resonance like the cloud of fireflies with their little lights flashing in sync? Researchers think their bioluminescent resonance arises due to internal biological oscillators that automatically result in each firefly syncing up with its neighbors.

Is this group of fireflies enjoying a higher level of group consciousness? Probably not, since we can explain the phenomenon without recourse to any intelligence or consciousness. But in biological structures with the right kind of information pathways and processing power, these tendencies toward self-organization can and often do produce larger-scale conscious entities.

Our resonance theory of consciousness attempts to provide a unified framework that includes neuroscience, as well as more fundamental questions of neurobiology and biophysics, and also the philosophy of mind. It gets to the heart of the differences that matter when it comes to consciousness and the evolution of physical systems.

It is all about vibrations, but it’s also about the type of vibrations and, most importantly, about shared vibrations.

By Tam Hunt / Creative Commons / The Conversation

How to manifest with the power of your subconscious mind.

Do you know what your consciousness is? Your consciousness is simply your thoughts and awareness. As a conscious being, you are capable of observing and having thought, and as we’ve discussed many times in this blog, your thoughts and awareness are responsible for creating your reality with the Law of Attraction. Figuring out how to direct your consciousness in a positive and optimistic way is the key to success with the Law of Attraction!

In this blog, I’ve offered many suggestions on how to direct your consciousness in order to create desired results through the Law of Attraction. However, I haven’t yet had a discussion on the power of your subconscious mind, which is an aspect of your consciousness you can use to your advantage to manifest the things you want.

So, what is the subconscious mind?

Well, as a former psychology teacher, I’ll break it down for you the way I would a class of students.

Historically speaking, famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud is well known for “discovering” the subconscious mind. He said that beneath the focused awareness we have in the present moment, there are a whole host of thoughts and awarenesses that are going on in the background that we are largely unaware of. 

For example, while I am focused on writing this article, in the background are a bunch of thoughts I’m not really aware of. I’m not thinking about how to type, and I’m shifting in my seat to get more comfortable automatically without any conscious attention. I’ve even managed to drink a whole glass of orange juice without even really noticing that I was doing it.

A lot of what I am doing is handled by my subconscious mind, and the same is true for you!

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. For example, when you are driving, perhaps your thoughts drift off to thinking about the errands you need to run, or the conversation you had earlier that day with your best friend. 

However, even though you aren’t really paying attention to the road or thinking about driving your car, you still manage to get where you want to go safe and sound.

Why is this?

It’s because your subconscious mind is handling the details in the background while your conscious mind wanders. Your subconscious mind pumps the break at the stop sign, it maneuvers around other drivers and sometimes it even adjusts the air conditioning or heat for you without any of your conscious attention at all.

So why is the subconscious mind an important topic to consider with the Law of Attraction?

I think that without considering the power of the subconscious mind, many of us have developed a bit of a skewed perception on the Law of Attraction.  As we’ve learned that thoughts become things, we often come to believe that we have to consciously focus on the things we want in in the present moment in order to create their reality.

Then, with this belief, many of us spend a great deal of time and effort trying to direct our conscious thoughts in the “right” direction, and this can be very frustrating especially when things don’t work out the way we want them to!

However, this kind of focused intention isn’t exactly necessary, and it’s often very counterproductive. Sometimes, it’s better to let the subconscious mind handle the creation process.

For instance, let’s say that you really want to manifest your dream job, and you’ve been putting a lot of your focused attention into this dream. Unfortunately, though, the dream job hasn’t manifested yet! Over time, you will very likely start to get discouraged about your ability to manifest your dream job, as your focused attention on the lack of the job becomes your more dominant thought pattern.

Then, once you’ve been focusing on the lack of this job, you simply push the dream job further away, because with the Law of Attraction, how we feel determines whether or not we manifest the things we want. When we feel bad, we move away from the things that we want, so when we become super consciously focused on the job that hasn’t come yet, we actually just move ourselves further away from it

As you can see, in a situation like this, using the conscious mind can totally work against you. Focusing on something we really want that we don’t have can make us feel bad, and this negatively affects our ability to manifest. So, when the conscious mind isn’t getting it done, why not let the subconscious mind take over?

See, your subconscious mind is a creator, just like your conscious mind. You didn’t consciously try to manifest the color of the grass, or the weather today, or the behavior of the people around you, but as the creator of your reality you did create all of those details. It’s just that those details were largely filled in by your subconscious mind.

It’s important to understand that when we choose to distract ourselves from a given detail of our life, it doesn’t go away. It just sits back in our subconscious. You’ve probably noticed this in your dreams, when small, insignificant details of your waking life were suddenly highlighted and brought to life in the dream world. 

My point here? You don’t have to focus all of your intention in the present moment in order to manifest. Your subconscious does most of the heavy lifting already, and it can handle all kinds of details, be them large or small.

So, when you are struggling to manifest something big, I think it’s a good idea to hand over the job to your subconscious mind as often as possible. When you are feeling lack, or disappointment, choose to focus on something else, and let your subconscious work it’s magic on your dream.

What is the key?

You may be thinking at this point, well, how is that supposed to work? If I’m not able to focus on my dream in the present moment and have it be created, how is my subconscious mind going to be able to do that?

Well, the answer to this is simple: just do whatever you can to get happy as often as possible.

When we get happy, we are naturally more optimistic about everything.

Think about it. The last time you were really happy, I guarantee your worries suddenly seemed insignificant and unnecessary. The people you didn’t like suddenly didn’t bother you anymore. The problems you were experiencing suddenly felt like they would work themselves out.

See, when we get into a higher vibrational state, we become positively expectant on all levels of our consciousness. This is why when life is going great, we tend to have great dreams.  How we feel has a tremendous bearing on our level of optimism and positive expectation throughout our being.

So by getting happy and raising your vibration, you allow your subconscious mind to become more optimistic and positively expectant. Then, all of the little details in your life that you haven’t really been thinking about start going really well. People start opening doors for you, you find money on the ground, you have excellent timing and all kinds of little things start working out for you. 

You didn’t worry about any of these details, you just got happy, and your subconscious mind was able to manifest more of the things you wanted in the background, because your happiness made your subconscious mind more positively expectant.

Sometimes, handing over a big dream to the subconscious is the easiest way to get the job done. Instead of focusing yourself into a place of worry about your dream, distract yourself with something else to make you happy. Keep your vibe elevated, and let your subconscious mind become more positively expectant, so that the details of your dream fill in magically.

Just remember, you don’t have to focus your mind directly on your dream all of the time in order to manifest. In fact, that’s rarely a good idea, unless you feel especially expectant and optimistic already about it. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool you can use to handle the details on the dreams that feel impossible.

Your job, really, is just to get happy. Keep your present awareness clean and feeling good, and let the subconscious figure out the rest.

Happy Manifesting! XO, Andrea

Original source: Raise Your Vibration Today

About the Author

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today,’ She teaches people how to become masters of their minds through the Law of Attraction.

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If you are feeling bad, it’s time to learn how to raise your frequency and start feeling better.

When you encounter a negative feeling, it is easy to respond with more negativity. You do not want to feel bad, hence you resist feeling bad.  The result is that you feel even more bad, and if you still resist it, you are starting a downward spiral. You want to keep your frequency up there in a vibratory state that makes you feel powerful and loved, ecstatic and creative.

What makes for a great, expansive feeling, and what makes for a bad, contractive feeling?

A belief system that is in alignment with what your higher self is true will feel great and expansive, while a belief that is not in alignment with that truth will feel contractive. This is your very own guidance system to let you know if you are out of alignment with your eternal, true purpose.

This is a way of defining good and bad feelings (they are ultimately two sides of the same coin) that will have you regain control and step out of any victim mentality you may have. Circumstances does not make you feel good or bad, only your reaction to them ever can.

Every situation, thought or circumstance is inherently neutral. It is your point of view when reacting to the situation that generates either a feeling of ecstatic expansion or contraction.

There is always something to learn when you feel bad. It is an opportunity to grow, to expand, to accelerate into new points of view – opening up more of yourself and your energy to be used for expansive activities rather than victimizing yourself. (Click here to learn to recognize in what ways your victim thinking may be benefiting you in the short-term and how to overcome it).

It can be hard to see that you are always in control of your state of being, and that no-one else or whatever they may do to you, can take away from you your power or choice to feel amazing. Unless you let them, by choice. Does it feel good to give away your power, and let it be up to the actions of others whether or not you can feel great? From an empowerment perspective (no more victim-state), no. It feels good to think that you are in control of your state of being, that you have free will, because it is true.

1. Dive as Deep as You Can into Your Self-Realization

The first method to keep your frequency high is the most essential one. When all else fails, turn to this one. It is simply a way to deepen your self-realization by paying attention to the fact that you exist. In fact, if you constantly remind yourself that you exist, that you are alive, that you are here, now, conscious, you will be able to go deeper and further into your existence, as Awareness. (It is also possible to go even deeper, beyond experience and Awareness and back into the Absolute, or Infinity).

By remembering that you exist, that you are here and now, conscious of yourself, you will be able to relax all thought activity and take your focus back to your roots, giving yourself a reboot.

2. Imagine Whatever Makes You Feel Best

Your imagination is a very powerful tool to raise your frequency. Instead of imagining worst case-scenarios or use it for worrying about this and that, why not try to create blissful and ecstatic states of being? You can imagine yourself, as a human being, together with other human beings, in certain situations, doing specific things, or you can keep it more undefined and abstract. As long as you find the feeling of alignment and joy that you are looking for, it is of less importance exactly what you are imagining.

By using your imagination in this way you are creating states of being in the non-physical, which is just as real as the physical. You instantly feel a psychological relief and perhaps even feel good in your physical body. Instant manifestation. You manifest all of your external reality from your internal state of being. The more you accept this as a fact, and take responsibility for your reality, the more empowered you become. And the more you take control of your imagination and power as a creator to experience any state of being you choose, the easier and more effortless it becomes.

Keep your state of being joyful, keep your frequency high, and know that you are in absolute control of your vibrational state.

Several different ways of saying this (that resonate with you), will allow you to see it from several points of view and make it easier to integrate into your life.

3. Be Grateful for Feeling Bad

Whenever you notice that you are in a negative state of being, be joyful. You see that you feel bad. Great! Now, at least, you can do something about it.

Don’ resist it. Observe it, accept it and be grateful that you see it and don’t have to keep holding on to it.

Remember that the negative state of being is a signal from a higher self (or whatever you wish to call the version of you who sees from an all-seeing perspective) that you have a belief that is out of alignment with what it knows to be true. Just redefining feeling bad as this signal can be enough to raise your frequency right back up. You are loved and watched out for! By this higher self, God, the universe etc. What you call it is not the point here. When you feel bad, there is something for you to learn. The Universe is showing you that there is a lesson to be learned in order for you to keep expanding, so be grateful.

4. Use Reminders

Use reminders, as many as you can, to help you get back into a high frequency. Do things that trigger you to be in a peaceful state of being. Watch a video, read a blog article, read a book, hang out with friends, go shopping. Only you know what can serve as a reminder for you to tune into higher frequencies.

Fill your life with whatever makes you feel amazingly connected to who you really are.

Be honest to what truly serves and excites you, and you will see more and more blissful states of being manifest in your life.

Wrapping it up

The information here may seem radical to some people. The terms may be unfamiliar and the content thought provoking. Let it sink in, use other resources, integrate what you learn. Take only what feels right on some level. Let go of the rest.

Wrapping it up, serving it, eating it – Mmm, Yummy! – digesting it and utilizing all the useful bits and pieces… And defecating the waste. 

Now you hopefully have some new inspiration and methods you can experiment with to create great states of being. You can dive into self-realization to snap out of a downward spiral and into deep understandings of your true nature; you can use your imagination to create increasingly more blissful states of being; you can redefine feeling bad as a signal for you to learn and feel great through expansion; you can fill your life with reminders that keep you vibrant with joy; or you can do all of the above.

Originally appeared at Global Harmony Crew.

How to raise your vibration.

Every thought, word and action carries its own vibrational frequency. It comes back to the Law of Attraction – whether you “ask” for it or not, you are drawn to situations, people or objects that are in line with your vibrational resonance.

The more negative your thoughts, actions and words are, the more negative your vibration, just the same as the more positive your thoughts, actions and words are, the more positive your vibration. However, having said that, it really goes beyond the “positive” and the “negative” and into the two fundamental human emotions – Fear and Love.

Fear has been shown to have a low and short vibration whereas Love has a longer and higher vibration. When we act out of fear, we are calling on a lower vibration resonance whereas when we act out of love, we are aligning ourselves with a higher vibrational resonance and attracting more positive things towards us.

When we are in a negative vibrational pattern, that is we are acting out of fear, we tend to attract situations, people and lessons in our life to bring awareness towards our behaviour. Just the same, when we begin to think on a more positive, or loving note we are able to grow in consciousness and contribute towards the greater healing of the self, planet and all of mankind.

Raising your vibration is definitely not hard to do, however, it can be hard to maintain. In fact, often it starts with “faking it until you make it”. With constant practice and reminders, you can raise your vibration and begin attracting all on the path of love.

Here are 12 ways to raise your vibration:

1. Gratitude

The most beneficial way to raise your vibration is to count your blessings and really allow your self to experience a deep sense of sheer thankfulness and gratitude. Keep a daily gratitude journal, or keep a list close by to remind you how lucky you truly are.

2. Appreciate

Beyond gratitude are daily appreciations. Learn to recognize and appreciate beauty wherever you go, from a simple flower to the beautiful pattern the clouds make. When you begin to notice and appreciate all that is around, you begin to tap into a greater sense of awareness and mindfulness which in turn, raises your vibration.

3. Breathe

Noticing the rise and fall of your breath can help calm the mind and the spirit. Whether you choose to mediate or do breath work, going within and listening to the rise and fall of your inhale and exhale can help to raise your vibration.

4. Meditate

Similar to breath work, allowing your mind to tune out and listening to the stillness within your heart and breath can do wonders for your mood and your vibrational resonance. Whether you prefer guided meditations or sitting in stillness, the wondrous effects of this practice reach both the physical, energetic and spiritual levels.

5. Create

Find something you love to do, such as playing music, cooking, creating art etc and do more of it! When we are engaged and happy in what we are doing, our mood elevates and our vibration does too. When we move into the creative headspace we also help to activate our chakras and still our minds, creating space and awareness.

6. Give

Giving from the pureness of your heart has been shown to not only improve your health but it can also raise your vibration. By doing something for someone in need, or donating your time to a local charity, you are not only giving back but you are also giving to yourself.

7. Abundance

When you realize that there is enough on this earth for everyone, and that you are not in competition with anyone, you begin to understand the flow of abundance. Abundance is the complete awareness and acceptance that all your needs will be provided for and that you are given everything you need in order to survive and live a fulfilled life. Trusting in the abundance of the Universe and Mother Earth raises your vibration and in-turn attracts more abundance towards you.

8. Wise with Words

The words you speak and think carry their own powerful vibrational resonance and whether you talk ill about someone else or towards yourself, there is no difference. When we gossip, complain or put others down we align ourself on a negative vibrational path. When we speak and reflect without judgement, and understand that our words carry their own frequency, we begin to raise our vibration.

9. Move

Its not hard to understand that in order to raise your vibration, you must move. The more active you are and the more you exercise, the more energy begins to flow through your body. This flow of energy helps to raise your vibrational resonance and also helps to uplift your mind.

10. Let it Go

Walking around with a victim-like mentality stems from fears developed in our past and the ones we imagine for our future. By letting go and realizing the present moment we can release the fear and begin to understand that we do have control over our lives and how we choose to handle situations. No matter what events present themselves to us, it is our attitude that determines the outcome.

11. Conquer

By conquering a fear you instantly raise your vibration and put yourself on the path of freedom. Fears often stem from ignorance as once we know and understand the situation, we tend to stop fearing it. When you face your fears you also release their control over your life which opens up infinite possibilities and opportunities. When you let go of your fears, you stimulate the energetic flow of abundance, joy and love.

12. Loved Ones

Spending time with family and friends is also a great way to raise your vibration and to put you in a positive mind set. Having a meaningful conversation with a loved one can help develop a sense of connectedness and community, both of which help to raise your vibration.

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” – Albert Einstein

This article has originally posted at Forever Conscious and used here with permission.