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Visual Meditation was created with hard work and dedication to help you make positive changes, create another, more positive mindset and to provide you with self-development products that were created by Visual Meditation.

This website consists of subliminal meditation videos & mp3s, brainwave entrainment (BWE) technology and articles, based on extensive research, to help you improve various areas of your life.

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The products that are being offered on our website, including the free audio, videos, and written content, have not been tested in medical situations and should not be used for any medical claim.

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If you suffer from any kind of medical condition, please advise with your healthcare provider. The video, audio, and written content are not replacements for medical treatment.

In general, with every change you are making in your lifestyle, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a doctor or your healthcare provider before practicing meditation, subliminal messages technology, listening to sound therapy (i.e. brainwave entrainment) or any healing treatment that has an influence on your brain and its internal wiring. If you are taking drugs, medication, or/and are suffering from a neurological disease or functional disorder, don’t start before consulting your doctor.

Do not listen to brainwave entrainment in the following cases:

  • If you suffer from epilepsy or similar seizures, or if you are prone to seizures
  • If you are under the age of 18
  • If you use pacemaker
  • If you are under the influence of medication or drugs or alcohol
  • If you suffer from a well-known mental disorder
  • One hour before operating heavy machinery or a vehicle
  • One hour before performing activities that might put in risk you or others
  • If you have a high sensitivity to light
  • If you are pregnant

Information about brainwave entrainment you can find here.

The website operators may create changes on the website’s shape and/or structure at any time by the exclusive considerations of the website operators and without the need for advance notice. The visitors or any other party will not have any claim and/or demand to visualmeditation.co following the change.

As mentioned above, Visual Meditation was created to help people around the world with personal changes, such as challenges and problems they are facing, by providing subliminal meditations, brainwave entrainment, mind programming content and other related written content. Even though the subliminal training and the brainwave entrainment technology is very powerful, the changes do not occur right away. We do not promise rapid changes. The results are individual and vary from person to person. Some may experience instant results and some may not experience results at all.

Information based on researches about subliminal messages and their effects you can find here. The results achieved are determined partly by having the corresponding intention and having the appropriate attention, persistence and focus while watching or listening, and on following our recommended usage guidelines. So, some may show faster results than others, some may have less effect or not at all. Meditation and self-help tools are a subjective experience, as the results depend mainly from the person who uses them.


All of the video and audio files will be sent to your email address shortly after the payment is completed, by links. You can also get immediate access to the files after the payment on visualmeditation.co. In case you have lost, deleted, etc. the files, you can still have access to them. If a download link has changed (eg. due to an updated version) and you are unable to download/save it, then contact us and tell us to send you the updated link so you can have access again.


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